Alona Beach

Panglao Island is the place in Bohol where you will see nice beaches. It has two towns namely; Panglao and Dauis. Panglaos most popular beach is Alona beach because of the white sand and the clear waters. It is situated in a small community called Tawala. You can reach this place in thirty minutes from Bohols Tagbilaran city. It is one and a half kilometers in length with cliffs on both ends. The beach has seen so many developments over the years. Today you can find several resorts and restaurants there. You will also find several tall palm trees lined on Alona beach boosting its tropical appeal. Visitors will also see many boats on the sea which offer tours to see the whole Panglao Island.

Most of the restaurants in Alona Beach have an alfresco set up. Guests sit on the chairs and dine on the tables laid out on the sand. Then the waiters just get your orders and serve it to you fresh from their kitchen. Most of the dishes served by the restaurants are grilled but you can also find one Italian restaurant. There are thirty resorts in Alona Beach and fifteen diving centers. The resorts vary in sizes and rates. It is advisable to book your hotel accommodation before you arrive in Alona beach. Below is a list of some of the beach resorts.

1. Alona Dream This is a resort in Alona Beach offering twenty seven double rooms. Ten of the rooms are found in the area they call the longhouse. It also has eight deluxe rooms which are all located in a building made of local and contemporary materials. All the rooms have air-conditioning. The resort has its own restaurant and pool. Guests can also enjoy free WiFi connection to the Internet.

2. Alona Ville Resort This is a resort that offers cottages for rent. They all have a rustic design. Every room can accommodate at least five persons. The rates of the cottages are very affordable because the rooms just use electric fans. There is just one bathroom however that all the guests use. This resort has a unique pool which is connected to some small caves. It also has a bar named Tom and Gerrys Bar that serves drinks and different local dishes.

3. Aquatica Beach Resort This resort has six rooms with air-conditioning and ten rooms with a fan. These rooms are all in one building. Aquatica also has a restaurant serving local meals. They also have a diving shop offering lessons on diving for different levels.

4. Beach Rock Café This is a resort located on the right side of the Alona beach. It is the first resort visitors see when they reach the beach. This resort has seven rooms with a private bathroom and fans.

5. Charlotte Divers Resort This resort is owned by some Koreans. It is near the shore of the western side of Alona beach. They have affordable standard rooms. They also have suites that have air-conditioning equipped with all the standard amenities like private shower, kitchen, television and telephone. They also have bungalow rooms categorized as family, standard and deluxe. These rooms all have air-conditioning and a private bathroom. They also offer diving lessons.