Alona Tropical Beach Resort in Bohol

Known for its finest white sand beaches, Bohol is commonly visited by foreigners and Filipinos living in the other side of the country during summer time. Bohol has many attractive and affordable beach resorts where travelers can spend their vacation. Most of these beach resorts have other luring amenities like restaurants, bars and swimming pools where their guests can enjoy and have fun.

Alona Tropical Beach Resort is one of the good and attractive beach resorts and hotels in the province of Bohol that travelers should visit. It has enticing amenities like swimming pools and white sand beach. In addition, those who want to get souvenirs they can visit the souvenir shop of the resort.

Aside from its souvenir shop and dive shop, travelers are also encouraged to visit the restaurant of Alona Tropical Beach Resort. The restaurant has outstanding kitchen chef that has expertise in serving European dishes as well as Asian dishes. Some of the sumptuous dishes that are served at Alona Tropical Beach Resort’s restaurant are Camaron Rebosado, Chili Squid, Beef Schnitzel and Prawns With Curry Sauce.

The room rates at Alona Tropical Beach Resort are not expensive. For those who have a tight budget, they can stay at the hotel for as low as Php 1,320, but to those who like to stay at the Beach Front Suite, they should prepare Php 7,000. Travelers can choose from the various kinds of rooms at Alona Tropical Beach Resort which are Standard Aircon Rooms, DeLuxe Fan Rooms, DeLuxe Aircon Rooms, Pool Side Suite and Beach Front Suite.

Some of the rooms at Alona Tropical Beach Resort have colored television with cable channels so their guests will not be bored if they are inside their rooms. All of the rooms have private toilet and shower rooms so travelers have nothing to worry about their privacy at the resort.

To enjoy their stays at the beach resort, visitors can join the island tours organized by Alona Tropical Beach Resort. They can also enjoy dolphin watching and tours to the tourist spots in Bohol such as the province’s man made forests and old churches. They can also join the scuba diving team of Alona Tropical Beach Resort during their leisure time.

Alona Tropical Beach Resort is situated at Tawala in Panglao, Bohol. The beach resort is near to Tagbilaran airport and seaport so travelers will not have difficulty locating the beach resort. In addition, the resort offers transfer services from the ports to the resort so their guests will not have problems looking for the place.

Alona Tropical Beach Resort is definitely one of the enticing beach resorts where travelers with tight budget can stay at Bohol. To avoid experiencing hassles, travelers are expected to book in advance if they want to spend their summer vacation at the beach resort. Thus, they are assured that they will remember their stay at the resort for the rest of their lives.