Alturas Supermarket Corporation in Bohol

One would think that when in Bohol, shopping shouldn’t be in one’s to-do list. Why not when shopping in Bohol has progressed so much in the past few years? alturas shopping center - boholThere are great opportunities when it comes to shopping in Bohol and there are competitive malls all found in Tagbilaran City.

Take for instance Alturas Supermarket Corporation. Although not considered as big as the three other malls that Bohol brags about, this smaller department store has pretty much anything one would need when living the simple life in this humble city.

Tagbilaran city boasts not only of great malls one of which is Alturas Supermarket Corporation but this is where a lot of the business in Bohol happens. Alturas Supermarket Corporation is very promising with its branded stores like Penshoppe to more generic brands but are just as good when it comes to clothing and footwear and a lot cheaper too. Although there are no cinemas in the Alturas Supermarket Corporation, they’ve got a grocery that carries more than just the basic daily necessities.

Some even argue that the Alturas Supermarket Corporation should not have been named one of the smaller department stores. Curiously, the owner of Alturas Supermarket Corporation also owns ICM, one of the 3 big malls in Tagbilaran City.

Alturas Supermarket Corporation is for those who don’t appreciate large crowds and want something a little more relaxed. To get there by local transportation is easy since it’s just a tricycle ride away but for those who want the comfort of a cab especially when carrying a lot of bags, this is also an option.

One thing that shoppers should remember when in Alturas Supermarket Corporation is that shopping bags especially if one has a lot cannot be taken inside for security reasons.

alturas center- boholThey have to be left at the counter in exchange for a stub and once one is ready to leave, one can claim them again. Major credit cards are accepted at Alturas Supermarket Corporation so one never has to worry about running out of cash.

Another great thing about the Alturas Supermarket Corporation is that there are attendants who are willing to carry one’s bags and wait until one gets in one’s vehicle.

Alturas Supermarket Corporation is on B. Inting Street very near Carlos P. Garcia Avenue but don’t be surprised to still hear the locals call it the CPG Avenue. It’s the same thing. If one needs to call Alturas Supermarket Corporation, their phone number is 038 411 9874.