AMA Computer Learning Center in Bohol

Technology is what constitutes pretty much everything in today’s world. Hence it is no surprise that more and more people are opting to study computer courses to keep up with the fast paced advances in today’s computer. The AMA Computer Learning Center specializes in providing IT education and offers it to eager students who are looking to get quality education for less.

This can be an extremely useful skill to have, whatever career field you are hoping to get into. Even for those who want to play internet, or manage their bills from companies such as O2 online, a basic understanding of how to use such technology is required. For a good number of employment opportunities, prior computer training is certainly preferable. Getting an IT education from AMA Computer Learning Center not only ensures that one knows how to use the computer, it trains the student in the latest software programs and applications on the Internet to give them that much needed boost to spearhead their careers.

The academic programs of AMA Computer Learning Center are diploma courses that are 2 years long and the student has the choice from the following: Computer System Design and Programming, Computer Systems and Network Technology, Computer-Based AMA College - BoholAccountancy and Business and Information Management. Aside from these courses, they also offer other programs such as a Diploma in Mechatronics, Associate in Software development, Associate in Web Applications Development, Associate in Multimedia Technologies, Associate in Networking and Telecommunications, Associate in Computer Graphics and Animation, Associate in Computer and Office Information System, Associate in Computer-based Accounting, Associate in Project Management, Associate in Architectural Design and Computer Secretarial.

The tuition fee for all courses in AMA Computer Learning Center promises to be affordable. They even offer a 25 percent discount for all new enrollees regardless of what course they decide to take. They also offer a full scholarship program wherein the qualified student does not have to pay a single centavo to be able to get quality education. They also have a subsidized tuition fee program wherein the fees are adjusted depending on the socio-economic status of the student’s family. The price range for tuition fees is 300,000 pesos annually for the engineering courses and 250,000 pesos for the non-engineering courses also calculated on a yearly basis.

It’s obvious why AMA Computer Learning Center has been the choice of many students. Aside from providing theoretical and hands-on training, the school grants diplomas both locally and internationally. Employment happens almost instantaneously for graduates of AMA Computer Learning Center. Unlike other schools that offer a cheap tuition fee but has incomplete materials and equipment for the students to use, at AMA Computer Learning Center, each student is sure to get a computer that they don’t have to share with anybody during the course.

One of the campuses of AMA Computer Learning Center is in the city of Tagbilaran in Bohol, specifically on the corner of Maria Clara and Remolador Streets. It’s on the 2nd floor of Lambert’s Building.