Anda Beach in Bohol

If there is one water site in Bohol that is as close to Boracay as it can be, it is none other than Anda Beach.

Anda Beach speaks a lot about how Boracay is. They are alike in may ways. Anda Beach is as much a water paradise as Boracay with its long strait of white sands and crystal blue waters. In some aspects, Anda Beach can be considered even better than Boracay!

For one, Anda Beach does not feature any kind of marine life offshore. There is no disturbance whatsoever of creatures or forms that can be found in its long stretch of powdery sanded beach. The sands are purely, sands.

Another amazing fact is that Anda Beach is wonderfully situated at the humble municipality of Anda. It is about 101 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s capital. The place is so organized that you will never have a hard time going around. A stretch of buildings and a church paves the way to the public beach, which has no kind of obstruction whatsoever built around. All that you can see upon entering Anda Beach are countless coconut palm trees that further the tropical appeal of the place.

There are numerous private beaches built around Anda Beach. Amazingly, the owners of those private havens see to it that they leave the secluded-ness of the place untouched. This means that you can enjoy all the amenities and features of a five-star hotel away from the hustle and bustle of the city ands till enjoy the purity of the beach. Aside from swimming and other fun water activities, singing is a favorite past time among Anda Beach visitors. Videoke machines, run by coins, are installed almost everywhere around the place. Beach volleyball is another favorite activity among Anda Beach explorers. Volleyball nets are put up to accommodate those who love the sport.

If you do not have that much money to spend, do not be alarmed. Anda Beach may be luxurious and posh at first sight but it is never exclusive to those who have the money to spend. The bigger part of the beach is public, meaning you can enjoy it for free. Those portions run by private owners come with a price but not as much as a Boracay vacation may charge.

That means, if you are looking for a Boracay experience at a minimal cost, you should come to Anda Beach. This ideal summer getaway offers all the good things both an adventurer and explorer would love. It offers the best amenities without charging too much. Anda Beach is truly one of the best places to see in Bohol!