Arco Point Dive Site in Bohol

Arco Point is a different adventure located south of Panglao Island in Bohol. Here we descend the deep sea through a natural vertical shaft or funnel found in a hole on the rocky wall. The big difference is what we find beneath this hole.

Just off the Alona beach coast—about 12 minutes from Alona Beach or 14 minutes from Belleview Rock Resort—Arco Point is a surefire delight for finicky divers. Just as we descend the waters we see a cave entrance. Suba Diving - boholArco Point is actually a hole on the wall—a mysterious under sea black hole entrance to the unknown.

As we descend at about 9 meters we find this hole. Inside, as we slide down further, we find ourselves in a rocky vertical shaft. The shaft ends at a depth of 18 meters where we find an exit.

It’s an easy dive site with few strong currents. Visibility is good even at a 25-meter depth. We catch a good view of the deep sea from 10 to 15 meters below. Beyond 30 meters visibility is zero.

The Arco Point hole or cave is big enough for small groups to go through. Take note that the prevailing current is often southwards as we explore more caves in the area. And watch out for occasional strong currents.

Inside the Arco Point cave is a world of teeming creatures gliding past or crawling on rocky surfaces. There are sergeant and cardinal fish and white-eyed moray eels. If we look hard enough there are black-finned snake eels and craggy scorpion fish also lurking around. Wrasse, butterfly fish, and groupers may also be seen leisurely roaming as well as some frog fish if we go shallower at 5 to 10 meters.

Professional divers give the site a 6-star rating. Arco Point is definitely what serious divers are looking for. Even if we just snorkel around at a depth of 3 meters the sights can be overwhelming with the pristine sea waters. It is among the perfect dive spots located off the waters of Panglao and Balicasag Islands.

For lodging we have several excellent options. Bohol Beach Club is one. If we opt for the quiet scenery of Balicasag then Balicasag Island Dive Resort is the place. We may also try Alona Kew Dive Resort or further north of Panglao is the enigmatic Ananyana Resort. Lodging may cost anywhere from $220 to $550 a night while a meal may cost at least $20. But cost is nothing compared to what Arco Point has in store.