Badian Spring in Bohol

Bohol is an island province. It is understandable, therefore, that most of its tourist attractions are made of bodies of water. Badian Spring, which is located at the municipality of Valencia, is one significant water site that makes for an interesting adventure.

Badian Spring is approximately 42 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s provincial capital. The land travel is about one hour car ride from Tagbilaran City. Do not be dismayed because the trip to Badian Spring is an adventure in itself. Bohol highways are richly populated by lush greens and different forms of Mother Nature’s blessings, which make consistently perfect views.

Badian Spring is basically an underground spring that is situated inside a resort. Aside from the freshwater appeal, it also poses a wondrous site complete with a cliff and a waterfall. It is best to take the dip to Badian Spring during the hot days of summer. The icy cold water sure makes for a refreshing treat!

The Badian Spring is situated in a nature haven where towering trees, rugged cliffs, and an amazing ocean view are regular orders of the day. It imbibes the tropical appeal to the nines with complete amenities. At present, several restoration and improvement structures were done to make Badian Spring more convenient for every one to experience. The main attractions of the site were remained untouched, however. You can still enjoy the chilling waters anytime you decide to make the visit. There is a specific fee to pay to enjoy the goodness of the Badian Spring. Gone were the days that a trip to the spring is for free. But the fee you will have to expend to enjoy the Badian Spring experience is sure worth it. Imagine, the advantage of a natural body of water is all yours for a minimal fee of less than USD1. That is not counting the rental fees for shed, huts, or cottages, which you can use to wile away more precious time communing with nature.

Aside from the treat of the cool water spring, visitors of Badian Spring can also enjoy sea waters, which the locals truly love. Although the warm waters of the crystal blue sea is a few walks away from where the sea is located, it is very important that you take the experience. That is for the very basic reason that the sea in proximity to the Badian Spring is one of the cleanest and most accessible public resort you could ever experience.