Balicasag Island in Bohol

Unknown to many, Bohol is home to some of the most amazing diving spots that can be found in the Philippines. The island province boasts of countless marine goodness that is characteristic of what the tropical country has to offer. Balicasag Island is one great diving spot that an all-knowing diver should never miss.

Balicasag Island can be found in proximity with Belleview Rock Resort. To get to it, you can either travel by land or by water, whichever is more convenient and more efficient for you.

For the most part, it is wonderful to take the plunge the whole year through. If you are excited about hammerhead and whale sharks sightings, you can schedule your dive in December or January. Generally, Balicasag Island is characterized by a sandy shell line, a narrow reef, submarine cliffs, and lots and lots of marine communities.

Balicasag Island poses one of the most extensive diving opportunities you could ever have. You can check out the Resort Wall, the Black Coral Forest, the Cathedral Wall, the Turtle Point, and the Cavern for different brands of diving satisfactions.

The Resort Wall is found right off the Belleview Rock Resort. It boasts of colorful reef life composed of corals, seaweeds, sea fans, scorpion fishes, lion fishes, and many others.

The Black Coral Forest shows off a flock of black corals, which grows rapidly and amazingly in shallow waters. The coral trees formed as wide apart to let divers seep through. You would love the feel of the water in this portion of the Balicasag Island. The water current is smooth and the display of tropical fishes is brilliant.

The Cathedral Wall is another interesting diving option. It is composed of virgin caves built around a lively activity of colorful reef fishes. It is best to take the plunge at the Cathedral Wall when the sun is up. It provides one of the most beautiful reflections you could ever take a peek in your life.

The Turtle Point is of course, populated by turtles. The turtles are kept hidden in caves about 60 feet below. As the turtles are kept deep, you will have to be extremely lucky to enjoy the sight.

Lastly, there is the Cavern. The Cavern is duly explored for its numerous caves, which keeps big fishes at bay. As the sun sets, the marine life gets more interesting in this part of the Balicasag Island. That is when underwater creatures breed and feed in no particular order.