Bikini Beach in Bohol

If there is one beach that is popular among Boholanos, it is Bikini Beach. Bikini Beach is about eight kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. It has been quite a perfect location for family gatherings, small picnics among friends and families, and of course, swimming and other fun water activities.

Bikini Beach is located at the ever famous Panglao Island, right inside the municipality of Dauis. It can be reached through a few minutes drive from Tagbilaran City. Due to its proximity, it has been a local favorite for weekenders and picnickers who love to have some R&R before splurging onto the busy lifestyle yet again.

For the most part, Bikini Beach is crowded but the serenity and calmness of the place are never lost. The perfect idea of the white sands, the calm cool waters, and the blazing sun are all there. The scenery that Bikini Beach can offer is quite ideal, especially since you only need to shed out a small amount of money to enjoy the white sand beach goodness.

Bikini Beach is adorned with numerous cottages, tables, and benches all available for a very low amount. You can rent one cottage and have a Holiday just by relaxing with the view of this postcard-perfect scenery. The cool blue waters and the powdery white sands are complemented by lush greens. This place is truly an eye-candy; it is the ultimate tropical delight!

Panglao Island is known for its many amenities. Aside from Bikini Beach, it also houses the Bohol Beach Club, which is a posh vacation getaway offering no less than five-star quality of service. Casa Santa Barbara is another tourist attraction that is a must-see and a must-try for everyone exploring the island province of Bohol. The Casa is mainly a Spanish-inspired villa, which has its own private beach that is away from the hustle bustle in Bikini Beach. There are also restaurants and other hotels nearby. You sure would never get short of places to see and things to do while visiting Bikini Beach and Panglao Island in general.

True enough, visiting Bohol and taking a dip on the waters of Bikini Beach is a real joy. It can take away all your worries by just appreciating what Nature has in store. Bikini Beach is almost always roaring with laughter. You are bound to find a group of friends or families just fooling around with such a sweet background of a scenic white sand beach. You sure would want the same!