Blood Compact in Bohol

Aside from being a topnotch vacation site, Bohol also boasts of a rich history, which was put against the backdrop of a wondrous attraction. Blood Compact Site - BoholYes, we are talking about the Blood Compact site.

As a backgrounder, the Blood Compact site is the same spot where the friendship between Datu Sikatuna of Bohol and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain was cemented.

The ritual was made for two leaders to enter a pact of friendship and end their hostility against one another.

The Blood Compact ritual is a significant part of the Boholano culture. In fact, a full pledged festival is dedicated to celebrate it. Every June and July, the Boholanos pay tribute to the ritual through the Sandugo Festival, which is mostly characterized by balls, beauty pageants, sporting events and other enjoyable activities.

Such activities are geared towards the goal of keeping the very concept of the Blood Compact running through the veins of not just every Boholano but of every Filipino.

The Blood Compact site is now a very popular tourist attraction showing off just how the leaders got through the ritual. Statues of Sikatuna, Legazpi and those who stood as witnesses to the ritual stand as a reminder of the noble occasion that celebrated equality and friendship. The sculpture is situated in an open space near the Bohol Sea. It is specifically located in Barangay Bool, which is just alongside the national road. Souvenir shops gather around the Blood Compact site offering tangible memories of the place.


To get to the Blood Compact site, you just need grab a tricycle in Tagbilaran City. A few minutes ride from will bring you to the site. Blood Compact Site - BoholA lot of travel packages include the Blood Compact site in their itinerary; putting in consideration the significance of the place in the rich history of the Philippines. Many hotels and restaurants are just nearby. There is truly no reason to miss out on the Blood Compact site mixing history and tourism into one great sight to see.

It is also important to note that the Blood Compact site is a must-see not just for its historical value.

While you are there, you will also be given a sneak peek of how great the island province of Bohol is.

The very site where the monuments of Sikatuna and Legazpi stand overlooks the Bohol Sea and some other attractions in proximity with the Blood Compact. There is nothing much you need to spend to relive the Blood Compact. That is considering you are bound to ignore the many interesting products that are on offer around the site.