Blue Sky-Sea Resort in Bohol

Situated within Bario Bolod in the island city of Panglao, Blue Sky-Sea Resort is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the province of Bohol. Experience tranquility and comfort away from the hectic, busy, and noisy city atmosphere at this premier Philippine beach resort. Enjoy scenic views, first-class service, and utmost satisfaction while enjoying the different facilities and amenities of this wondrous location. Simultaneously, this place offers super exciting and fun outdoor activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and diving.

Besides the super affordable rooms and excellent amenities of Blue Sky-Sea Resort, guests can relax at its outdoor Jacuzzi after a long and tiring day. Furthermore, massages, room services, and airport transfers are also available to meet the different personal needs of tourists and guests. Aside from common beach activities, people can also enjoy island hopping, whale-watching, and sunbathing. Sports activities like tennis, table tennis, and billiards are also at hand for all the sports buffs out there.

As one of the main resorts in Panglao Island, Blue Sky-Sea Resort offers excellent rooms at very reasonable prices. For standard rooms, the prices range from 3,500 to 3,800 pesos. Meanwhile, superior garden-side rooms are more expensive, with prices ranging from as low as 4,000 to as high as 4,300 pesos. Superior poolside rooms basically cost in between 4,800 to 5,100 pesos, while guests can pay in between 5,400 to 5,700 for superior beachfront rooms.

For bigger and more elegant facilities, Blue Sky-Sea Resort offers executive suites, premier suites, and family suites. A typical executive suite can cost guests as much as 10,000 pesos. In the meantime, a premier suite can cost as much as 12,500 pesos for an overnight stay. On the other hand, a family suite can cost guests more or less 17,500 pesos. All these reasonable prices are enough to make Blue Sky-Sea Resort a heavy favorite among local and foreign visitors alike.

When at Blue Sky-Sea Resort, guests can travel to other excitingly beautiful and scenic tourist destinations within the province of Bohol. Aside from the world-renowned Chocolate Hills, excellent attractions like the mystical Hinagdanan Cave, the exhilarating Loboc River, and the historic Baclayon Church are within reach from the beach resort. Moreover, people can also see some cute little endangered animals in the form of tarsiers. Indeed, all of these wonderful sights, including Blue Sky-Sea Resort, provide enough reason for visitors and guests from all over the world to visit and explore the wonderful province of Bohol.