Bohol Beaches, Bits of Tropical Paradise

A vacation in Bohol will never be complete without a visit to one of its beaches. Visitors will have a lot of fun trudging on white sands and crystal clear calm waters. The place is blessed with extraordinary beaches that embody tropical bliss. Beach lovers will love to spend time under the sun in Bohol's beaches.

Bohol is an island paradise in the Philippines' south in the Region of the Visayas. The abundant natural wonders are key attractions of this island province. The world famous Chocolate Hills is the province's most notable attraction. Other than all the natural wonders, Bohol is also home to a lot of churches and other antiquities that date back from the Spanish era.

Other nature spots frequented by visitors include hundreds of caves, dive sites, and the Loboc River. The island is also home to the Tarsier, dubbed as the world's smallest primate. The wonderful chain of islands in the area entices divers and other sun worshippers. Among these islands, the most popular one would have to be Panglao Island.

Panglao Island in Bohol is dotted by beach resorts and dive spots giving visitors a wide range of options and different unique adventures. A visit to Panglao Island will require you to bring your diving gear or at least your paraphernalia for snorkeling. The reefs in the many dive sites here are must see attractions. However, peaceful strolls during heavenly sunsets are enough to soothe one's weary soul.

Bohol beaches have various interesting features. Tourists have a lot of options to choose from. Bathers may think of a certain beach feature they want and one of the Bohol beaches is likely to have it. The following are a some of Bohol's most notable beaches.

Alona Beach

This is most likely the most visited and most beautiful of the beaches in the area. Alona Beach is on the southwestern portion of Panglao Island. The beach has a nice line of resorts for visitors to choose from. You'll never feel shorthanded when it comes to your diving needs since dive shops or dive centers here are well equipped.

The white sand and the tropic waters may seem very enticing, however there are still some precautions that should be taken. Be careful when wading in the water when you're out about 20 meters or more since a lot of sea urchins are found in the water at that distance from the coast. A hundred meters further will bring you to the edge of a reef, which is perfect for snorkeling.

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Dumaluan Beach

This is also another great beach in Bohol located east of Alona Beach. If you're looking for exclusive resorts for your own private time then the ones here are good choices. The Bohol Beach Club is but one the many exclusive resorts you might like to check.

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Bikini Beach

Now, if you're in Tagbilaran City on business or whatever occasion, a quick getaway from all the hustle is a short trip to Bikini Beach. This is waterfront is a popular destination for those who would want to go for a picnic or just hang out under tropical skies. Bikini Beach is only eight kilometers from Tagbilaran, which is convenient for those who want to relax after a day of work.

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Momo and Doljo Beaches

If you're looking for shallow beaches then Momo Beach or Doljo Beach are great destinations. Momo beach is situated on the northern end of Panglao Island while Doljo is at the northwest.

One can will always find something new with each visit to the different beaches of Bohol. Visitors will Laya Beachgain transports of joy as they spend time in the white sands and cool tropic waters.

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Laya Beach

Beaches surround Bohol. The more popular ones are mostly on the south side of the Island province of Bohol. One of these dazzling Bohol beaches is Laya Beach.

Laya is among the most sought out beach destinations when it comes to picnicking at the beach. Along the coast of Baclayon, Laya is just 9 kilometers southeast of Tagbilaran City. Past the coastal town of Bool we reach Laya. It affords the pristine blue Bohol and Mindanao Seas. There are rest houses available as well as picnic groves at Laya, typical of most Bohol beaches.

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Anda Beach

The town of Anda is among picturesque Bohol beaches, with the Anda mountain range at the back and lines of tall coconut trees in front. The best part of the beach is near the town church and municipal building. Some tourists stop at the nearby Guindulman Town market for fresh seafood catches and take these to Anda Beach to grill. From Tagbilaran, tourists go southeast passing 12 coastal towns; that’s less than 2 hours of road travel.

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Kaingit Beach

Kaingit Beach in Tagbilaran main is unique among Bohol beaches—it is naturally protected by Panglao to the south and the extended edge of Maribojoc to the north, forming a small bay. Kaingit, thus, enjoys gentle sea waves and shallow waters most times of the year. It’s safe to bath there even in Imelda Beachstormy weather, Tagbilaran folks say. Going north on Graham Avenue in Tagbilaran past Coralandia and Bohol Tropics Resort we find the short road going to Kaingit Beach.

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Imelda Beach

When going southeast of Tagbilaran, about 40 kilometers, we find the town of Dimiao. The place is sparsely populated with lots of thick vegetation—in short, vacationers and bathers get real peace and quiet out here. Imelda Beach, known among Bohol beaches as also an ideal camping ground, is the beachfront of Dimiao.

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Lintuan Beach

Traveling northwest from Tagbilaran, and past Maribojoc, we find Lintuan Beach. The beach, being in Loon which is a coastal town facing directly towards Cebu, has quiet waters most of the time. Cebu, in a way, acts as a distant barrier that calms the waves coming to Lintuan. Among Bohol beaches, Lintuan is famous for gentle waves ideal for kids.

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Clarin Beach

When looking for Clarin Beach, don’t refer to the town of Clarin northeast of Tagbilaran. The beach is actually in Loay, which is 28 kilometers southeast of Tagbilaran. Clarin is named after a governor of Tagbilaran, and being so, good swimming and bathing facilities are found there in honor of the good Governor.

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