The Bohol Chronicle in Bohol

The Bohol Chronicle is one of the leading newspapers in Bohol, and given its printed reputation, the online version is no less as good.

The website for the Bohol Chronicle is well designed and makes it easy for new users to navigate the site. The first thing that any reader will like about the Bohol Chronicle online is that the page loads quickly, which is exactly what a proper news site should be; after all, the goal of the reader is to gain access to the news as rapidly as possible.

The layout of the page is also very nicely set. Instead of just giving out the headlines and a link, there are a couple of paragraphs for each of the leading stories, which are often enough for the reader to get a good idea of the pertinent facts behind every story. Of course you can easily click the links to get the full reports.

Although the Bohol Chronicle is based in Bohol, the main stories feature a lot of the events that are happening in Manila and the rest of the country, which makes the newspaper ideal not just for the local residents but even for those who do not live in the province.

While the Front Page section of the Bohol Chronicle is devoted to national news, the Major Events covers some more local news, both in Bohol and in other areas in Metro Manila as well. The Community Billboard provides its readers with information on entertainment, events of interest in Bohol etc.

Of course, there is the Editorial and Opinion page, where some of Bohol’s finest columnists and writers voice out their views on all issues, from local events to the ones that affect the entire country. The Just Before Deadline is where you will get to read all the late breaking news.

As in any well designed website the Bohol Chronicle offers its readers contact information, both where they send email, and also facts as to how they may subscribe to the newspaper. You can also access the previous issues online.

The online version of the Bohol Chronicle, overall, is just as well designed and informative as its printed version. The presentation of the news and other information, while maintaining the local flavor, is also aimed at other readers, not just from Bohol but from all over the Philippines and the world.

The Bohol Chronicle newspaper and its online website is published and maintained by the Bohol Chronicle Press, which has its offices at 56 B. Inting St., City of Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines.