Knowing the Bohol Climate

Nowadays, Bohol has consistently gained popularity in becoming among the top tourism spots in the Philippines. However, you should also be aware of its Bohol climate so that you will have a better idea of the best times when you should be reaching the place. Although the Bohol climate is generally guest friendly, it sure does help a lot to become more familiar with the place so that you can surely enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

First of all, the Bohol climate is mostly affected by its geographical position. You should know that the region is mostly surrounded by bodies of water yet it was effectively shielded off from tropical storms and cyclones. Storms rarely hit Bohol or when it does, it’s not as grave as it happens with its surrounding Visayan regions. This is the reason why Bohol climate is generally guest-friendly and usually calm all throughout each year. The climate is usually tropical and rarely changes.

However, the natural Bohol climate would suggest that you visit the place from between the months of November until February. During this period, the Bohol climate is noted to be a bit cooler as compared to the other periods and thus more fit for island-hopping. Although the “summer” mode can also flock Bohol, most people would advise that your take full advantage of the Bohol climate during its cooler months so that you can tour the place much better. In addition to a more comfortable temperature between its cooler tropic period, these are also the months when it is considered to be off peak season for touring Bohol thus you can fully enjoy its many attractions.

During March up until May, the Bohol climate perks up its summer mode. Most people prefer to visit the region during this time because of the Chocolate Hills. This is considered to the be one of the most, if not the topmost, popular attraction in Bohol. It is notable for looking little clumps of chocolates when its summer time because these little hills dry up and obtain the color brown. But during rainy seasons, the chocolate hills become green as plant life prosper on them because of the rains.

However, there is really no telling when rainy seasons will occur in the region. This is probably the reason why most people do not really find Bohol climate such a complex thing. Scientific experts have also noted that the Bohol climate must also be a result of its positioning as the interior part of it is known to be cooler than its coast.