Bohol Festivals: An Array of Lively Colors

Other than the scenic nature sites, other hallmarks of the island province of Bohol are its festivals. The colorful celebrations and the usual abundance of food make these festivities come alive. The panoramic nature scenes and the array of lively colorful festivals make Bohol a prime tourist destination in the Philippines.
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Here are some of the notable festivities visitors should never miss:

Bohol Sandugo Festival: This festival commemorates one of the most significant events in Bohol's history. This festivity commemorates the blood compact or sandugo between Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and local chieftain Datu Sikatuna. It is a memorial to people's love for peace and friendship.


The Bohol Sandugo is an annual event that highlights not only its history but also celebrates its culture. Activities during this festivity include sports, a beauty pageant, agricultural fairs, entertainment shows, balls, and street dancing. The sandugo is celebrated the whole month of July.

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Tagbilaran City Fiesta

This festivity is celebrated every May first. This is initiated by the feast of Saint Joseph and is the precursor to the month-long festivals in Bohol. Beauty pageants like the Mutya ng Tagbilaran, musicals, and dramas/stage plays are only a few of the highlights of the occasion.

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Bolibong Kingking

This even is celebrated in May 23 and 24 of every year. The folklore, traditions, and history of the town of Loboc are celebrated during the Bolibong Kingking. The name of the festival is derived from the sound of the gongs and drums that rhythmically enchants the townsfolk and visitors as they celebrate with music and dance.

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Pana-ad sa Loboc

This festival is coincidental to the celebration of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. In this religious festival, the people of the town of Loboc read the traditional Pasyon in remembrance of Biblical events. The festivity culminates in a procession through the streets to an 80 feet cross on top of the highest hill in the town.

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Sambat Mascara y Regatta

This is religious celebration honoring St. Francis Xavier held during the first Saturday of December in the town of Loay. A huge highlight of the celebration is the street dancing where participants wear colorful masks. Other events include boat racing, drum and bugle competition, and a fluvial parade.

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Suroy sa Musikero

The holidays come alive with music in the Town of Loboc during the week from December 25 to February 2. Musicians strutting all over the town moving from one assigned area to the next playing songs for the townsfolk and being served food in exchange for their fine melodies. The air in the town is usually filled with songs as carolers render traditional Christmas hymns.

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Ubi Festival

The month of January is highlighted by this agricultural event. The ubi as a crop has agricultural and historic significance to the people of Bohol. Exhibits, contests, seminars, and cultural shows highlight this occasion.

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Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan

This event is like a huge reunion of all the sons and daughters of Bohol. You can think of it as a huge summons to all the people of Bohol in the entire planet. Celebrated in the month of July, this festivity is coincidental to the Bohol Sandugo Festival. Different activities are held each year to give variety to this homecoming.

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