Bohol Hospitals and Health Care Efforts

Health is among government priorities in its bid to make the country among progressive nations in the southeast. Spearheading this concern is the Department of Health (DOH), and among top DOH programs being pushed today are health care plans implemented in hospitals both government and private around the country.

Bohol hospitals are not to be left out in this endeavor. A number of skills and facilities upgrading to improve Bohol health care services have been done to advance medical efficiency in Bohol hospitals. In the center of all these is the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital (GCGMH), the regional venue for teaching Bohol health care and training in the same as designated by DOH-CHD 7.

GCGMH Hospital - BoholLocated on M. Parras Street in Tagbilaran, Bohol Province, GCGMH was built and established primarily for the health care of Tagbilaran folks in particular and the people of Bohol in general. This is authorized and enforced by R.A. 3114 consequently making GCGMH foremost among Bohol hospitals as a regional infirmary serving primarily Region 7.

In 1992, as part of boosting Bohol health care development, 25 beds were added to the 200 beds already available in the Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital. This was in view of the increasing number of patients being given health care services, as other hospitals in the region refer special cases to this infirmary. It also aims to have Bohol rabies-free in the offing as the government invested Php 16 million for this purpose.

Another is Don Emilio Del Valle Memorial Hospital (DEDVMH) in Ubay, Bohol. Beginning in 1999, as an out-patient Bohol health care extension facility of GCGMH, this hospital was a popular “annex” of GCGMH. Later, in 2003, to supplement Bohol health care services, it was licensed as a full-pledged 27-bed hospital equipped with primary health care facilities. The idea was to cater to the health care needs of eastern Bohol and somehow relieve GCGMH of considerable loads of medical and Bohol health care cases.

Since then, DEDVMH has been a referral infirmary for general, competent, and effective hospital health care and medical services. This realizes the DOH drive to improve Bohol health care, dubbed “Sentrong Sigla,” exerting efforts at attaining surgical proficiency on the provincial level. This, aside from being a model infirmary to other Bohol hospitals.

Englewood Hospital - BoholThe idea is preserve a district health system that revolves around Bohol health care and medical services by Bohol hospitals with GCGMH at the forefront.

To augment this, the Bohol local government initiated a free hospitalization scheme to boost people’s health care through the use of “blue cards” when availing of services from hospitals.

Of course, private hospitals are also into this. Private health care providers are in partnership with private hospitals like Borja Family Clinic, Lim Community Hospital, and the Tagbilaran Community Hospital, to name a few. Folks with means to avail of a higher value of Bohol health care packages can always make use of these health care services.

Progress must clearly reach down to the grassroots level, first and foremost, through health care and medical services. This is precisely the idea behind the Bohol health care efforts in the province’s hospitals today.

Borja Family Clinic

Borja Family Clinic is among reliable Bohol hospitals in Tagbilaran. From being a clinic it is now a 40-bed secondary hospital along Gallares Street in Tagbilaran City. It is at the southwest tip of Tagbilaran and close to the Causeway Bridge linking Bohol and Panglao Island. It is affiliated with special medical services like Intellicare and MEDICard among others and is a new-born screening center.

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Celestino Galares Memorial Hospital

Celestino Galares Memorial Hospital is also among popular Bohol hospitals in Tagbilaran. It is a teaching and training center of the Health Department in region 7. It has 225 beds and rated as a tertiary hospital. Found along Miguel Parras Street in Tagbilaran proper, it services mostly city residents.

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Englewood Hospital

Bool District, also in Tagbilaran City, is about 10 to 15 minutes from Tagbilaran City proper via the coastal Venancio P. Inting Avenue. In Bool is found Englewood Hospital, among secondary Bohol hospitals. It has 75 beds available. Expertise offered at Englewood are family medicine, general surgery, and obstetrics-gynecology, among others.

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Medical Mission Group (MMG) Cooperative Hospital

A hospital run by a cooperative system is Medical Mission Group (MMG) Cooperative Hospital. This is among Bohol hospitals catering to the indigent. Needy patients are enrolled in the coop to avail of the Blue Card Hospitalization scheme by the local government. MMG is a 10-bed infirmary and is rated as a primary hospital along Sen. Benigno Aquino Avenue in Tagbilaran City.

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Ramiro Hospital

Ramiro Hospital is also among pioneer Bohol hospitals that have been serving Tagbilaran for years. It has 87 beds and classified as a tertiary hospital. Located at 63 Gallares Street in Tagbilaran, it is known for fast and efficient medical service. For minor ailments Ramiro is the right place when in the southwest coastal areas of Tagbilaran.

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Saint Jude General Hospital

Saint Jude General Hospital is located along CPG Avenue in Tagbilaran City. It has 25 beds and is classified as a secondary hospital. It is also among Bohol hospitals considered as a new-born screening center.

Tagbilaran Community Hospital

Tagbilaran Community Hospital at 49 Miguel Parras Street in Tagbilaran City has 29 beds. It is among the numerous secondary Bohol hospitals and is situated at the center of the city proper. Thus, this community hospital is quite accessible from any point in the city.

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Tagbilaran Puericulture Center and Maternity House, Inc.

In the same neighborhood as Tagbilaran Community Hospital is Tagbilaran Puericulture Center and Maternity House, Inc. This hospital has 20 beds and rated as a primary hospital in Tagbilaran. It is on JA Clarin Street near the corner of M.G. Parras Street.

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