Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant

Offering some breathtaking views and sceneries over the Panglao Island, Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant is indeed one of the finest beach resorts in the province of Bohol, Philippines. Situated at Barangay Mayacabac in the City of Dauis, it offers first-class amenities alongside the azure waters and powdery white sand of its beaches. Despite its location within an island, its beauty is comparable to the huge and grand hotels all over the country.

Generally, people who have been to Bohol Plaza Resort and Restaurant refer to the place as truly a paradise resort, with lots of great food being offered to match the rich green background. To bring a more exotic and cooler look, the resort features flowers and palm trees surrounding the entire resort. Additionally, lounge chairs are scattered all over the pool area to allow its guests to bathe under the sun and relax. All the rooms at Bohol Plaza Resort are equipped with everything that guests need to have a really great time, including telephone lines and cable television sets.

For those who want great tasting food while at Bohol Plaza Resort, they can always wine and dine at the in-house restaurant Alwen’s Café. From basic Boholano delicacies to the ultimate all-time great Filipino dishes, the restaurant is ready to serve all sorts of food to satisfy the distinctive tastes of its valued customers. During evenings, it is best to visit the KTV Bar Native Restaurant for a fine dining experience. Mingle with all the other guests as the live music plays on the background, from Thursday nights until Saturdays.

Overall, there are two types of exciting rooms to choose from at Bohol Plaza Resort, namely the Cottage-Type and Hotel-Type Rooms. For a Cottage-Type room, guests can pay as low as 1,200 pesos for an overnight stay. This room features a double-sized bed complete with a telephone system, cable television, and piped-in music. On the other hand, a Hotel-Type room is further subdivided into six different kinds. The costs of these rooms range from 1,500 pesos to 2,300 pesos for an overnight stay.

Because Bohol Plaza Resort is situated within Panglao Island, visitors and guests have easy access to other astounding resorts and beaches within the area. At the same time, it may take them a few hours away to visit the neighboring islands. To accommodate all the travel needs of its guests, the resort management has prepared a tourist bus and car rental services to help them move their way towards the different parts of the area.