Bohol Restaurants - A Festival of Flavors

Food is an all time favorite for all Filipinos, especially in Bohol. You can find many different restaurants in the city area and along the beach. You'll find meals in different price ranges depending on which restaurant you visit. What we have below are some of the restaurants you'll find in Bohol.

The Pyramid

This is a great place to eat when you're in Alona Beach. It is right along the waterfront giving you a good view of the blue waters and a whiff open sea breeze. The menu in The Pyramid is a mix of local and western cuisine. If you have a discriminating taste and would love to sample the best of both worlds then try their pork cordon bleu, clubhouse sandwich for a quick meal, calamares for a bit of local seafood, and sumptuous barbecue served hot off the grill. Meal prices here are below P400, which is around the average price.

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Jasz RestaurantJASZ Restaurant

This is one of the many dine by the sea theme restaurants you'll find in Bohol. The fresh seafood completes the scene here for JASZ Restaurant to give that cozy home like feel. The customers are treated to a nice homey tropical feel with sumptuous seafood with nipa and bamboo hut decorated ambience. The beachside tables become romantic at night as customers dine by candlelight.

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Chicken Ati-Atihan

This place is made popular in Tagbilaran City by its barbecued chicken. With meals priced around P200, you can bet on a great deal for great food. Other than the barbecue, diners will also enjoy their buko halo-halo for dessert and flaming sisig to add some spice on side.

Garden Cafe

This restaurant packs a western theme. Take note that the waiters here are deaf and you are to write down your orders on an order sheet that comes with the menu. Diners will definitely come back for their mouthwatering steaks with onion rings on the side. The price of a meal in the Garden Cafe is less than P500, which is a good deal.

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Hayahay Pizza

If you're feeling kind of Italian and really want to take big portions of great pizza then Hayahay is a prime choice if you are at Alona Beach. Though it might seem odd at first to find a pizza place along a tropical beach, the number of customers that frequent this restaurant is a testament to how much of a cool change it is. You can choose either to dine in or eat by the beach and enjoy your thin crust pizza as changing scenes drift by. Food here is a bit pricey averaging around P400 to P500 but it is a reasonable price.


Loboc River Floating RestaurantLoboc River Cruise

Buffet meals while cruising down river in a floating restaurant is an interesting experiment. You get the great views plus all the food you can eat. You can sample all the Filipino delicacies you want while being serenaded by a local singing group onboard. The buffet costs less than P300, which also includes the cost for the river cruise.

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Lost Horizon's Restaurant

If you're looking for something vegetarian then you should head on to the far end of Alona Beach at Lost Horizon's Restaurant. A dish here might cost around P300, however it is good for two to three people, quite a good deal. Other than the veggie meals, they also serve other food from both international and local cuisine.

Oops Bar and Restaurant

If you're looking for a place to hang out at night then head on to Oops Bar in Alona Beach. They serve an extensive menu of food and drinks so you'll surely find ones that suit your taste and your mood. Friday and Saturday nights come alive with live bands and a disco. They also have cottages that can be rented in case you want to escape the music and retire in comfort. Get ready to cough up around P500 for a meal and a wild night.

Payag Jo's Chicken Inato

If you're stuck in Tagbilaran City and are getting your craving pangs for chicken then you should hurry to Matig-a Street and walk through the doors of Payag Jo's. The chicken barbecue here is well renowned among the locals so you shouldn't miss that. Food is priced really cheap at less than P300 and it is quite all right to dig in with your bare hands.

Payag Jo’ Chicken Inatog comes recommended by local and foreign tourists. The main theme of the cuisine is chicken served in different Filipino methods of cooking. Their famous dish, the Chicken Inato, is composed of chicken marinated in different seasonings to produce an exotic, delectable taste found only in Bohol. The restaurant can be located at No. 18 Carlos P. Garcia at East Avenue in Tagbilaran City.

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Trudi's Place

If you're trudging along the beach, enjoying the scenery, and are stuck with a shoe string budget then Trudi's place is the best choice while getting the best deals for a magnificent meal. If you find the beach area food in Bohol a strain to your budget then a meal worth around P160 for the same quality feisty dish you'll find anywhere else is a welcome treat.

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Loboc's Floating Restaurants

One of Bohol’s well-known restaurants is the Loboc Floating Restaurants. The Loboc Floating Restaurants comprise of different boats that cruise along the Loboc River. Each boat has a different restaurant that basically offers a buffet-style, native Filipino cuisine. The price, which is about 300 pesos for adults, is basically the same for all boats, as the menu items are the only ones that differ. As the boat cruises along the river, guests can enjoy live music both inside the boat, and during stopovers, when they are serenaded by singing groups from Bohol. The restaurants are found near Loay Bridge near the Loboc River.

Fun and food while cruising on the river. This unique type of a Bohol restaurant is floated on rafts along the Loboc River. It starts at the Laoay Bridge 20 kilometers southeast from Tagbilaran to Loboc. Food served buffet style are grilled seafood and meat, native soups, and native Bohol dishes and delicacies.

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Miravillas Restaurant

Miravillas Restaurant gives the guests an option to pick their seafood choices fresh from the nearby seafood market and have them cooked inside the restaurant. The menu basically offers choices of different cooking methods. This provides the guests a wide selection for their dishes, as well as control over the quantity of the dishes served. Miravilas is specifically located at F.V. Harrison Extension in Booy District at Tagbilaran City.

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Brewpoint Coffee ClubBrewpoint Coffee Club

Brewpoint Coffee Club is Bohol’s famous coffee nook that serves pastries, sandwiches and different varieties of coffee. This local hangout is an ideal place for relaxation while enjoying some music—a live acoustic band is played during Fridays and Saturdays. Customers at Brewpoint find themselves soothed by their famous café mocha and classic brewed coffee. Brewpoint Coffee Club can be found at Lou Square JC Borja St. cor M. Parras St. in Tagbilaran City.

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Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant

Caingit Fish Grill Restaurant offers a variety of seafood dishes fresh from the fishing ports of Bohol. Its dishes are of the classic native Filipino cuisine, although they are cooked to suit the taste buds of the foreign palate. The restaurant prides itself of fresh grilled seafood cooked in moderation to match the picky taste buds of locals and tourists. Caingit Fish Grill can be located at 10 Cainigt Drive within Caingit Beach at Tagbilaran City.


Cion Verge Cafe and Restaurant

Cion Verge Café and Restaurant offers not only classic Filipino dishes, but also the popular dishes in international cuisine as well. Cion Verge is known for serving tasty sandwiches and for its catering services. The café can be found at Airport Compound in the airport of Tagbilaran.

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JJ’s Seafood Village

JJ’s Seafood Village has been frequented by both locals and tourists because of its famous seafood dishes that has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of its customers. The restaurant serves delectable dishes from the Filipino and international cuisine at affordable prices. It is also always open for banquets, conferences and catering services. JJ’s Seafood Village is at K of C Drive, Gallares St. in Tagbilaran City.

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JJ's Dimsum & Restaurant

Located along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in the city proper of Tagbilaran, this restaurant in Bohol is famous for tasty short orders. Check it out for Chinese dimsum light meals like noodles, soup, siomai, crispy rolls, rice toppings, and the like.

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Joe-Bing Restaurant & Bakeshop

Joe-Bing Restaurant in Bohol serves great pancit varieties (thin noodles sautéed in various spicy flavors like chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp), beef bone marrow stew or “bulalo,” broiled beef, and fried chicken, among others. Joe-Bing also has a delightful bakery offering one of the best ensaymadas, soft mamons, and cinnamon rolls in town. It is located on B. Inting Street in Tagbilaran.

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Loboc River Cruise Restaurant

Passing by Laoay Town some 20 kilometers southeast of Tagbilaran, floating restaurants on rafts along the Loboc River are the latest dining craze in the locality. The native delectable cuisines are served buffet style on board the floating restaurant in Bohol while diners are treated to different riverbank sceneries in the cruise. Enjoy a variety of grilled seafood, pork, and beef, among other Bohol delicacies.

Kusina Nativo Ihaw-Ihaw & Restaurant

Located along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran near the famous cockpit arena, Kusina Nativo Ihaw-Ihaw Restaurant in Bohol is a great choice for native Boholano grilled cuisines as well as other native Filipino food. Take samplings of grilled seafood stuffed with herbs or cooked in leaves the traditional way and rich dishes cooked in coco milk, as well as varieties of fish and vegetable meal options.

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Loboc Tour Park Carabao Riding & Restaurant

After touring this scenic park in Candabong and a few tries at carabao-back riding, it is always a delight to try the Loboc Tour Park Restaurant in Bohol for sumptuous and flavorsome meals cooked the Boholano way. Located along the highway at the Loboc coastal town, diners can enjoy a smorgasbord of native cuisines, beef grills and other beef menus, plus nice fruity desserts.

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Martin's Music Resto-Bar

When raring to have dinner in a cozy restaurant in Bohol with good music and sparkling wine and other drinks, check our Martin’s Music and Resto-Bar at the corner of Gallares and M.H. Del Pilar Streets in Tagbilaran. Get a taste of Bohol finely cooked fish and meat and wash them all down with one’s favorite drink.

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Odysseus Steak Haus & Restaurant

Tagbilaran is not all seafood grills and stewed fish with veggies. When restaurant hunting along Gallares Street and craving for grilled meat, Odysseus Steak Haus and Restaurant in Bohol is worth trying.

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Panglao Beach Resort Resto

Eat fresh seafood grills right along Panglao beach while sheltered in tropical huts or under shady palm trees. Food at Panglao Beach Resort Resto is cheap. Other appetizing Bohol cuisines are also served, which are mostly seafood cooked in coco milk. This Bohol restaurant, nothing glitzy yet cozy enough, is just minutes away from Tagbilaran Airport and near the Causeway Bridge.

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Rai Rai Ken

Rai Rai Ken Bohol restaurant is about scrumptious sushi and ramen. There are also budget meals available with spicy Japanese stuff and flavors like the bento meals. Various curry meals and, of course, everybody’s favorite teriyaki, are offered. Just look for Island City Mall or ICM in the city proper and easily find Rai RAi Ken in it.

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Ruby Stone Music Bar & Restaurant

Along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran City, try tourist-worthy Ruby Stone Music Bar and Restaurant in Bohol. It serves some of Bohol’s best tasting pancit guisado, Visayan beef bistek, and adobo, among other native Filipino and Bohol dishes. Dining at this Bohol restaurant combines the enjoyment of great food, beverages and wine, and pleasurable music.

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Saya's Restaurant

A neighbor of Ruby Stone on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, Saya’s is a Bohol restaurant known for its great squid or shrimp calamares, sari-sari, fried chicken, and Visayan, Tagalog, and Chinese noodles. Wash all these down with fresh fruit drinks. The place is typical of a Visayan (or “saya”) homey and jolly dining venue.

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Shanghai Bay Dimsum

For a group of 10 to 200 with a craving for authentic Chinese cuisines in Bohol, the choice ought to be Shanghai Bay Dimsum. This elegant Bohol restaurant at Lou Square on JC Borja Street in Tagbilaran City provides various Chinese menus either buffet or a la carte’ style.

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Singaporean Claypot Restaurant

Located along Gallares Street in Tagbilaran City, this Singaporean Bohol restaurant serves food in special claypots. Cuisines include, of course, Singaporean specialties, plus Thailand and other Asian dishes.

Valea Restaurant

For great international and local dishes with a beverage-packed bar visit Valea Restaurant along Airport Road in Tagbilaran City. This Bohol restaurant is right in front the Cogon Shrine.

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