The Finest in Bohol Shopping

Bohol may not exactly have the biggest malls in the Philippines, but you'll surely find all the things you need when shopping in this paradisiacal island. Everyday things and supplies like groceries, clothes, and electronics can be bought from department stores or malls, which you'll find in the city. Souvenir shops sell items you might like to take home as a memento of your trip.

Before you go for a shopping spree you should change your money into the local currency at any of the moneychangers or banks. Remember to check the current exchange rates and compare rates of different moneychangers since some of them might charge and deduct a large fee while others don't. There are even moneychangers who change your money at unfavorable rates so asking around at different moneychangers isn't a bad idea.

Island City Mall - BoholIf you're carrying credit cards then that will be a major convenience here in Bohol. Using credit cards will be convenient when you opt not to carry cash. However, you may be required to present another ID to confirm your identity and cause a slight delay in your purchase. ATMs are also around so you won't have to worry about withdrawing your cash when needed.

When shopping in malls you should expect a bit of a crowd when you're there. Strolling in malls and window-shopping has become a bit of a pastime and way to get out of the heat during hot days among Filipinos.

When entering establishments you should check if they allow you to carry your bags around. You'll notice that there's a "baggage counter" where they can keep your bags for you and give you a little tag for claiming your belongings when you leave.

One reminder is to always carry your valuables with you and not leave them at the baggage or courtesy counter. Always carry your wallet, purse, cell phones, and PDA's and don't entrust them to the guys in the counter.

Here are some of the places you might like to go to in case you need to shop for supplies or souvenirs in Bohol.

Department Stores: If you're out for serious shopping in Bohol you should go to Tagbilaran City. Places of note include Island City Mall, Marcella, Bohol Quality, and Alturas. You'll find your grocery, household supplies, appliances, shoes and other clothing, furniture, and a host of other everyday needs.

It won't be uncommon to find boutiques, food courts, and amusement centers in these department stores. So you should be prepared to take a tour of the whole place so you don't miss a thing. Bringing a grocery list is not a bad idea and if ever you get lost or can't find a particular item you may ask any of the attendants and they'll be happy to point you in the right direction. When carrying things out to your car or exit you may or may not give a tip to the attendant, the choice is yours. Well the idea is that if the attendant takes carries your stuff to the exit a tip will not be required since that isn't a form of extra service.

Souvenir Shops: It won't be a big trouble finding a souvenir shop. Hotels, resorts, and other lodging locations may have them in their premises. You'll find an array of native handicrafts priced from 50 to 300 pesos. Even if you go to popular tourist destinations like Alona Beach, the Hanging Bridge, and the Bohol Bee Farm, the Blood Compact Monument, or Loboc River, you're sure to find a souvenir shop in these said locations. Items like shells, pearls, handicrafts, purses, souvenir shirts, even tarsier dolls won't be hard to find.

If you're looking for a good present you may take home some of the native delicacies like calamay, a sweet paste made from coconut and molasses, and Peanut Kisses, sweets shaped like the Chocolate Hills made of peanuts and egg whites.

In a highly progressive tourist destination like the province of Bohol, shopping plays a major part in the lives of its local residents as well as tourists and guests from various places. Today, this wonderful place features some of the most exciting, attractive, and highly efficient shopping malls and commercial centers in the Philippines. Among the most notable are BQ Mall, Island City Mall, Alturas Supermarket Corporation, Plaza Marcela, and Shopper’s Mart. Here’s a quick look at these luxurious shopping facilities found all over the province.

BQ Mall - BoholBQ Mall

Located along C. P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran City, BQ Mall stands for Bohol Quality Mall, which is very evident with the featured shops, restaurants, and specialty stores in the building. Inside this special place, people can enjoy watching their favorite movies along with their loved ones, relatives, and friends at the ultra modern cinemas.

In the meantime, they can also enjoy the company of one another playing various kinds of games at the video arcade. This place also houses some of the nicest and most famous restaurant chains in the country today including Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donut, Gerry’s Grill, and McDonalds. Primarily, this shopping center is also home to a department store, a pharmacy, and a supermarket.

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Island City Mall

Situated within Barangay Dao in the municipality of Dauis, Island City Mall is another popular shopping center in the wonderful province of Bohol. Equipped with the best in terms of clothing, dining, and entertainment, this place is a very popular hangout amongst families, relatives, and friends. Inside this shopping mall, people can do numerous exciting things.

In fact, they can watch all their favorite movies at the state-of-the-art cinemas, enjoy various concerts and music performances at the Activity Center, and taste many kinds of exciting dishes at the Foodwalk area. The place also features a Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bo’s coffee shop, and a Kodak photo-processing center.

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Alturas Supermarket Corporation

Found along B. Inting Street in Tagbilaran City, Alturas Supermarket Corporation is another major contributor to the progressive economy, not only of the city, but also of the entire province of Bohol. The place features specialty shops, food chains, and other boutiques to meet the needs of its varied customers and guests. At this huge supermarket, people can easily find their needs including food, beverages, and other personal necessities. Overall, Alturas Supermarket Corporation is a perfect location for shopping appliances, hardware, and groceries. At the same time, people can shop for furniture at the Home and Fashion Department and find different kinds of shoes at the Alturas Department Store.

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Plaza Marcela - BoholPlaza Marcela

Another excellent place to shop, Plaza Marcela is found along Belderol and Pamaong Streets within Barangay Cogon in Tagbilaran City. The place takes pride on its extensive grocery store that offers almost everything including fish, meat, and other fresh products. Inside this nice shopping center, people can also find boutiques that serve various kinds of specific needs. At the food court, they can enjoy a variety of delectable dishes as well as different kinds of super refreshing beverages. For those who want to be entertained, be sure to drop by at the outstanding amusement center inside this premier shopping facility.

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Shoppers Mart

Found along J. Torralba Street in Tagbilaran City, Shoppers Mart is a one-stop shop for all sorts of grocery items such as food, beverages, and other important items. More importantly, this place is an excellent source of highly affordable and inexpensive fruits like pears, oranges, and grapes. At the same time, people can purchase boxes of apples and other kinds of fruits at cheaper prices than other shopping areas.

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