Bohol Sightseeing - Encounter Nature and Antiquity

Popular all over the Philippines for its various wonderful tourist attractions, the province of Bohol is an excellent place to enjoy sightseeing. Through the years, tourists from all over the world continuously explore these wonderful places in their quest to experience the beautiful culture, the rich tradition, as well as the colorful history of the place and its people. Some of the finest places to enjoy sightseeing are Clarin Ancestral House, Hinagdanan Cave, and Badiang Spring. In the meantime, Cruz Daku, Himontagon Hills, and Banat-I Hill are amongst the best places to visit and drop by at this fascinating province in the Philippines.

The following are only a few of the must see sites in Bohol.

Clarin Ancestral HouseClarin Ancestral House

Located at the municipality of Loay, Clarin Ancestral House is a very old place dating back to the 1840s. It is a very convenient place to visit because it is just 18 kilometers away from the capital city of Bohol, which is Tagbilaran City. Through the years, this tourist spot continuously offers a perfect glimpse of the rich history, tradition, and culture of the area. The house reflects an original Filipino-Spanish architectural design that was predominant in the past. Inside this place, people can find old-fashioned kneelers, rocking chairs, and dressers. Present at the site are numerous antique furniture as well as other interesting materials including kitchenware, lamps, and jars. For hungry tourists, guests, and visitors, Clarin Ancestral House features a little dining facility called Café Olegario, which features special Boholano dishes like putomaya, hot chocolate, and torta Loayan.

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Hinagdanan Cave

Another popular tourist spot in the province of Bohol, Hinagdanan Cave is an excellent place for sightseeing situated at Barangay Bingag at the wonderful municipality of Dauis. The place features a beautiful collection of limestone structures, which comprise major parts of the cave. Inside, people can find a nice pond with the waters described as relatively fresh, cold, and deep. At the same time, people can also find here some very fascinating formations of stalagmites from the bottom and stalactites from the upper parts of the cave. Furthermore, they can also find bats all over the place, which definitely add to the beauty, attractiveness, and charm of this wonderful place.

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Badiang Spring

Found along Barangay Anas in the municipality of Valencia, Badiang Spring is another popular sightseeing location in the province of Bohol. Primarily, this tourist spot is an extremely cold underwater freshwater spring that eventually falls from a high location creating a beautiful, fascinating, mesmerizing waterfall. In here, people can see numerous talisay and coconut palm trees scattered all over the place. For years, many people swim and bathe at the refreshing waters of Badiang Spring. Today, there are shelters, huts, and cottages that produce a more conducive atmosphere for tourists and guests. Furthermore, people can also find at this wonderful sightseeing location the very famous Badiang Spring Resort.

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Cruz Daku

Found at the beautiful municipality of Loboc, Cruz Daku plays a huge significance in the religiosity of the local people. Basically, the place is made up of a monumental cross structure that stands 80 feet high situated at the highest hill in the entire Loboc area. Because of its location, the place creates a perfect place for sightseeing, as it provides an astonishing overview of nearby areas such as Tagbilaran. Moreover, this site plays a significant part in a local event called Pana-ad sa Loboc.

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Chocolate HillsChocolate Hills

If there is a location that is used as the province’s signature landmark or attraction, the Chocolate Hills would be it. Legend has it that these hills were formed from a giant’s tears. Of course, other folklore would also abound proving the origins of these hills.

The plants on the site turn chocolate brown during the Philippines’ dry season, thus the name of the said tourist site. Visitors can get a panoramic view of the hills on an observation deck on top of one of the hills. The more than 200 steps up to the look-out area will be a challenge to those who are unprepared for a short climb.

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Himontagon Hills

Situated at the municipality of Loay, Himontagon Hills is a beautiful sightseeing location found just 20 kilometers away from Bohol’s capital in Tagbilaran City. Here, people can enjoy scenic views and the nice refreshing weather in the area. From this high vantage point, they can see another beautiful tourist spot in the form of Camiguin Island. Overall, the place is truly an enjoyable one and is definitely perfect for trekking, hiking, and lots of picture-taking.

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Banat-I Hill

Banat-I Hill is a prime destination and tourist attraction in the wonderful province of Bohol, which is specifically located in Tagbilaran City. This majestic hill serves as a fascinating and inviting sightseeing location overlooking several attractive sceneries including Bohol Sea. Because it is 146 meters high, Banat-I Hill offers an interesting view on very nice places such as Mindanao Islands as well as the Strait of Panglao Island.

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Baclayon Church

This is a both a historic and religious tourist site. The church’s foundation was laid in 1595 making it one of the oldest relics of the Philippines’ early history. The church is no longer in use and remains only as a shadow of its former glory.

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Magaso Falls

The name literally means smoky, which refers to the mist that rises in the vicinity when the weather is cool. Be prepared for a bit of a challenging climb since there are more steps up here than what you find at the Chocolate hills.

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Tarsier Trail

This is a great place to get a close encounter with nature. This nature trail is around 15 kilometers long where one can get acquainted with various species of plants and animals. It is known as the tarsier trail since one can catch sight of the world’s smallest monkey, the tarsier. As you go deeper into the trail you’ll find endemic birds and jungle animals. Trained guides will aid you through the entire trek.

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Punta Cruz Watchtower

This watchtower is located in the town of Maribojoc. It used to serve as a lookout for marauders and pirates. Today, it serves as an observation deck that gives a panoramic view of the crystal blue ocean and neighboring island provinces.

Dolphin WatchingDolphin Watching at Alona Beach

Another key attraction in Bohol is dolphin watching. Sure, tourists might have seen dolphins in captivity, however, seeing them in the wild showing you their best acrobatics as free creatures is a sight to be seen. The jump off point is at Alona Beach in the early hours of the morning since they forage early in the day. The dolphin hunting grounds are a bit of a distance from the beach.

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Francisco Dagohoy Cave

Bohol is also famous as a cave country. The province has more than 1,400 caves and incidentally, some have theorized that the province’s name comes from the word buho, which means a hole. The Francisco Dagohoy Cave is a popular site among tourists who fancy these kinds of adventures. This cave in the town of Danao served as the base camp of the Filipino patriot Francisco Dagohoy from 1744 to 1829.

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Alona Beach

Panglao Island in Bohol is one of the most developed and sure is one of the most beautiful in the province. Alona Beach is a haven for those who would like to spend some time under the sun or take a dip in tropical waters. Dive shops are also around for those who fancy diving or snorkeling.

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Bikini Beach

This beach is only a few kilometers from Tagbilaran City. The locals usually flock here for a nice picnic. It’s a great getaway after the rigorous hours of work.

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Doljo Beach

This beach is located on the Northwest of Panglao Island in Bohol. It is generally free from sea-grasses and is one of the nicest beaches you’ll find in the area. Doljo Beach is also famous beautiful sea shells.

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Banacon Mangrove Forest

This is an eco-tourist destination that features a 425-hectare mangrove forest. Visitors can enjoy the scenic trails and breathtaking views.

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Tagbilaran as a sightseeing Spot

The logical first stop is Tagbilaran City. It is called the Gateway to Bohol—a well-planned sightseeing in Bohol always starts there. The airport and major bus terminals are there, as well as the seaports. Bohol trips and sightseeing are arranged there; Bohol tour agencies and offices are based in this city.

Besides, major malls in the province, like Bohol Quality (BQ) and Island City Mall (ICM), are located here. Supermarkets, boutiques, department stores pharmacies, and fast food abound in Tagbilaran. They are mostly found near the capitol or along C.P. Garcia Avenue. Tagbilaran, as the first stop when sightseeing in Bohol, is where travelers load up on all their touring needs.

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Rajah Sikatuna National Park

Tagbilaran being the strategic center, we just travel southeast along the coastal road from it and turn left at Loay. After Loboc Town we find the historical site Rajah Sikatuna National Park. When sightseeing in Bohol don’t miss this bird-watching haven with its 90-square kilometers wildlife. Aside from the park monument, it also affords a hostel where tourists may stay a day or two for utmost relishing nature’s grandeur.

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Balicasag Island

From Tagbilaran, the Causeway Bridge, about 3 kilometers south of it, connects Bohol to Panglao Island. Then crossing Panglao to its southwest tip, tourists can hitch a motorboat ride (about PhP 60 per head) to the smaller Balicasag Island. Sightseeing in Bohol is best with some diving side-trips and Balicasag Island is perfect for the purpose. The Balicasag area is dotted with world-class dive sites packed underneath with deep sea wonders.

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Loboc River Cruise

On the other hand, about 40 kilometers southeast of Tagbilaran, passing Bool and Baclayon, travelers end up at Loay where they may turn left to Loboc. Loboc River has a unique adventure for tourists.

Loboc River Cruise. For a fee, they board a motored raft or “floating restaurant” where a buffet is served. As the raft leisurely moves, tourists are treated to great riverbank sights while enjoying meals. The cruise passes along Busay Falls. Anyone sightseeing in Bohol should consider this site.

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Tarsier SanctuaryTarsier Sanctuary

Finally, for a short 30-minute bus ride to Sikatuna from Tagbilaran City and then a 10-minute tricycle ride from Sikatuna to Canapnapan, Corella near Loboc in Bohol, tourists will find themselves at the gate of the thickly forested tarsier sanctuary. Tarsiers are small monkeys (4 to 6 inches tall) with strong tails that enable them to leap 16 feet high and still maintain balance.

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Sightseeing in Bohol may be a grueling journey but there's so much thrill and adventure waiting for tourists who'd opt for a sighseeing in Bohol. From city malls to contryside rivers and dive sites to thickly forested tarsier sanctuaries. A sightseeing in Bohol can reveal a lot of wonders.

Butterfly Farm

When visiting Bohol, the Butterfly Farm found at Sagbayan Peak is included in the itinerary being offered to tourists. For an affordable cost of P20 per individual, basic information such as butterfly species, background, how to breed, and others will be provided. This is the perfect time for taking pictures as butterflies are everywhere.

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This site is far from Tagbilaran should one should be prepared to go on a long journey.

Panglao Island

As a sightseeing destination, Panglao Island is known for its wide array of cave formations. Limestone which produces sinkholes and crevices are a common sight to behold whether on the surface or submerged under water.

In addition, Panglao Island is likewise rich in black corals and a marine life which abounds with amazing sea creatures. Spending time on the island can be truly worthwhile.

Cabilao Island

One would recognize Cabilao Island because of its palm trees and well-maintained coral reefs rich in marine animals. Tourists will be dazzled by the rock formations as well as its sandy beaches. Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts can go on an underwater adventure on this island.

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Blood Compact MemorialBlood Compact

This is a very historic site in Bohol as it reminds every Filipino of their history. On March 16, 1565, Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi (who eventually become governor general) and Rajah Sikatuna, the loyal chieftain of Bohol, made an agreement of cessation through a Blood Compact. The written agreement, which is the first act of peace and goodwill between the Spaniards and the first Filipinos, was sealed.

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Manmade Forest

After ten years of deforestation, Lino Chatto, a former Filipino governor, implemented a reforestation program. Under the plan, mahogany trees were cultivated in the surrounding areas of Billar and Loboc. The reforestation program stretched 857.4 hectares.

With its lush and serene environment, these forests are ideal for peaceful walks. They are located nearby the chocolate hills making it the perfect itinerary for those who are located in Carmen.

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Loay Backyard Industry

Tourists will get to know how the resident craftsmen design their bolos and other metal crafts. Likewise, the Loay Backyard Industry showcases the talents of Bohol men and women in transforming the nipa leaves into a roofing material.

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