Bohol Times Newspaper

The Bohol Times World is truly a newspaper that lives up to its name. The scope of the articles in the online newspaper make it an ideal companion for every kind of reader.

The Bohol Times World homepage has been well planned and thought out. The layout is simple and effective. The headlines are situated in the middle of the page, allowing one to easily grasp the news.

There is plenty of information provided regarding the main stories, so you do not have to keep on clicking to get an idea of what it is about. On the right are links to local sites like the official website of the Bohol provincial government and also that of Tagbilaran.

The links and sections are all placed sensibly around the main stories. The homeland section will give the reader the latest news on the Philippines. One of the nice things about these links is that you can click the news, opinions, columns and sports link and a drop down menu will appear. This will allow you to discern the news, and decide which one you want to read in the Bohol Times.

If you click the news link the scroll down will reveal not just the major events concerning the Philippines, but also the world. The columns and opinion feature a wide variety of content, ranging from health, science to lifestyle.

The sports section has everything you will need to know about the sporting world. If you have something to say about the newspaper, you can easily send in your thoughts by way of the contact us link.

The Bohol Times World has a link at the top of the page dedicated to world news, and also one solely for current news about the United States. The news are divided by states, so you can easily check out what is happening in New York, Calfinoria, Chicago etc.

The world section also offers a comprehensive report on the major stories from all over the globe. This area of the Bohol Times is as comparable with those of the other Manila based online newspapers. There is also a news archive wherein you can peruse the previous articles of the paper.

Updated regularly, the Bohol Times is definitely one of the most informative and well designed Philippine newspapers on the Internet today. The news are always up to date, the insights in the columns are sharp and news factual and unbiased.