Bohol Wisdom College in Bohol

Wisdom College - BoholBohol Wisdom college is one of the fine schools located in Bohol which has grown to have a good reputation for turning out high quality graduates for over 70 years.

As teacher education is a primary course of study, Wisdom College in Bohol has turned out a great many teachers which have in turn come to be regarded as highly sought after for the entire country of the Philippines and not just in this lone province.

This school is expanding this very successful program and will now be offering a Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED) and subjects on Mathematics, Science, English as well as Early Childhood Education.

It is through this that Wisdom College hopes to remain the premiere university for not only Bohol but the entire Republic of the Philippines.

Many people from Bohol would like to call their island as a lone republic and although the language they use is very similar to the Cebuanos they would still like to be known differently from the people in Cebu. A strait divides the two islands. There are many hills that can be found in Bohol and one of the ranges can be found on the north western side and the other range can be seen on the south eastern end. The inner plateau of the island is predominantly composed of hills from limestone.

The Boholanos have always regarded education as a very important part of their culture. Before the Spaniards came to colonize the island the early Boholanos already had their own culture and way of life including a system of education. Today one of the schools that is increasingly gaining popularity in the island is Bohol Wisdom School.

This school was the first school for the Chinese in Bohol. Wisdom College - BoholIt has now become one of the top colleges. The school becoming a college is a milestone for the organization because it has been operating and serving many people as stated earlier for more than seventy long years.

It began as a school for the Chinese with branches in the Carlos P. Garcia Avenue which was formerly knows as Libertad St.

The number of the students enrolling in the school grew each year and the school was able to transfer to the location it is situated now which is a large lot on Carlos P. Garcia Avenue on the northern side which faces the capitol. They are offering a wide variety of education courses to be considered one of the top educational facilities in Bohol.

There are courses offered for those who want to take up elementary education majoring in early childhood education, science, English and mathematics. The president along with the other board members decided to offer education as their primary course offering. Bohol Wisdom School is hoping to produce teachers who can compete globally and communicate effectively with their students.