Borja Family Clinic in Bohol

Located along Gallares Street in Tagbilaran City in Bohol, the Borja Family Clinic is among the popular and progressive medical establishments in the city. It is an infirmary dedicated to upgrading its facilities.

Gallares faces the sea allowing the Borja Family Clinic easy access to the Panglao Bridge connecting Tagbilaran to Panglao Island within minutes. Borja Family Clinic is also accessible to main establishments in the city because it sits right at the edge of Tagbilaran adjoining Panglao Island. It is also near the Holy Name University. The Winalite International Bohol Sales Center is right beside Borja Family Clinic.

The hospital’s site is a strategic one. Borja Family Hospital - BoholHotels near the Borja Family Clinic are Metro Centre Hotel, Hotel La Roca, and Soledad Suites. Bohol Tropics Resort is also a neighbor. Going south we find Baclayon and Albuquerque adjacent towns to Borja Family Clinic. It is one of the pioneering hospitals in the vicinity and among the aggressive ones in modernizing its facilities.

Though still rated as a second type Tagbilaran City hospital it has been active in various medical upgrading activities and researches. In fact, Borja Family Clinic became a new born screening reference center in Tagbilaran in August 15, 2005 and has been active in the same ever since. It is also among top MEDICard accredited hospitals listed in Tagbilaran.

A consultation at Borja Family Clinic costs Php 200 or less than $5. This is excluding lab tests. With the decent facilities available in the hospital the consultation charge is fair enough considering that it is among the most reliable infirmary names in the city. It started as a simple clinic and progressed as a hospital, and a progressive one at that.

In fact, it was among selected medical sites for conducting the effectiveness of a vaccine called 11-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate manufactured by Aventis Pasteur baed in Lyon, France. It is a potent vaccine against kids’ pneumonia. Borja Family Clinic was one of 3 private hospitals chosen for this purpose. It was sponsored by the ARIVAC Consortium. With these developmental undertakings it is among the few hospitals in the region with a potential for substantial growth and seen by some international pharmaceutical firms as the same.

The Borja Family Clinic continues to be a promising medical facility in the city of Tagbilaran. As it involves itself more in ambitious medical endeavors it serves the public better. For inquiries we may contact (038) 411 33 03 or 411 11 13.