BQ Mall in Bohol

BQ Mall - BoholPopularly known as Bohol Quality Mall, BQ Mall is one of the most visited shopping malls in the Visayan province. Most tourists in Bohol visit this shopping center because it has many restaurants and boutiques.

Aside from the high-class dining places at this mall, people can also relax while they watch new movies at its cinemas.

The architecture and interior design of BQ Mall is attractive and enticing. Its structure is elegant which is why many travelers from other countries want to see this beautiful shopping center. Its management renovates and adds floors to the mall to give extra space for the stores, boutiques and restaurants. In addition, the shopping mall has a spacious and secured parking area so its customers will not have worries while they are inside the mall.

People can dine and relax at the famous restaurants in BQ Mall. For those who want to eat sumptuous Italian dishes, they can dine at Pizza Hut. It serves sumptuous pizza like Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza as well as tasty pasta like fettuccine alfredo and spaghetti with meatballs.

Aside from Pizza Hut, another high-class dining place in BQ Mall is Gerry’s Grill. Gerry’s Grill is famous for seafood dishes such as Inihaw na Pusit and Adobong Seafood Rice. There are also fast food chains at the mall like McDonald’s and Jollibee. In addition, BQ Mall has a food court named Food Plaza where people can eat Filipino dishes.


BQ Mall - BoholSports World, Bargain Shop and Dakki are some of the outstanding boutiques in BQ Mall. People who look for supplies that they need in their homes can visit Do It Best Home Center and Handyman stores. Meanwhile, school supplies are available at National Bookstore.

Children can enjoy and have fun at Toyland. On the other hand, many youth spend their free time at Timezone, an arcade center at BQ Mall. Families and friends can bond and unwind while watching their favorite movies at the cinemas of BQ Mall.

It has comfortable seats so they will surely have good time there. Lastly, music lovers can purchase latest albums and music recordings at Odyssey.

Located at the heart of Carlos P. Garcia Avenue in Tagbilaran City, Bohol Quality Mall or BQ Mall should be visited by tourists in Bohol since they can relax and enjoy their time in this shopping center. They can get all their needs in this mall so BQ Mall is definitely one of the attractive places that travelers should look at if they visit Bohol.