Butterfly Farm in Bohol

Bohol has many exciting views up its sleeves both man-made and natural. You just need to be really adventurous to get to the best parts. While the man-made structures may change at almost every day, the natural ones remained untouched. That is probably what endears them to mankind – visiting locals and foreigners alike.

Bohol is home to some of the best things that nature has to offer. Luscious greens, pristine waters, majestic landforms, cool creatures, and just about every thing in between can be found in this province. One trip that you must not leave out upon coming to Bohol is the Butterfly Farm.

The Butterfly Farm is part of the Sagbayan Peak, a nice, pleasant mountain resort. Sagbayan is about an hour ride from Tagbilaran City. Taxis, buses, and vans-for-hire are almost everywhere and they can take you to Sagbayan in a comfy manner. While getting there could be costly on your precious time, it is all worth it once you have tasted the goodness of the place. For one, Sagbayan offers the most charming views of the Chocolate Hills and the Cebu Sea. For another, it houses the wildest, most beautiful butterfly breeds.

The Butterfly Farm is an enclosure that house many colorful butterflies that will please you to the nines. It is also such a wonderful thing that getting inside the butterfly haven costs less than USD1, which means all the fun is yours for such a minute sum of money.

After enjoying the company of butterflies, you can get out of the Butterfly Farm and explore the world around. Sagbayan is a nice place that offers lots of activities. You can never stay there getting bored. In Sagbayan, each minute is a minute well spent.

Adventure and nature lovers would never be disappointed with the beauty on offer in this pleasant place. The butterflies serve as good companies in a lovely place where you can just sit and look around and still find astonishment every where.

Taking a trip to the Butterfly Farm is a must for any Bohol explorer. The sight is but a small part of the advantages of doing so. The light feel, the wonderful views, and the amazing company are but three of the reasons you should never miss the Butterfly Farm. If you only open your eyes while exploring the place, you will find that there is more that the serene place can offer other than just a mere sight!