Butuan Bohol ferry

Just southeast of Bohol is Butuan Bay. Getting there from Bohol is a simple regular ferry ride taking leisurely hours of sightseeing at sea and enjoying the playful waves and wind of the Bohol Sea. The Butuan-Bohol ferry route is worth trying.

There are fast supercats that cross the Bohol Sea to Butuan Bay but if we are not that eager to reach Butuan pronto—or vice versa—and opt for cheaper fares then we may opt for the regular Butuan-Bohol ferry route. It takes pleasurable 4 to 7 hours of sea travel enjoying the sights as far as the Mindanao Sea and lovely Camiguin Island and Gingoong Bay.

The fare from Jagna, Bohol to Butuan (or vice versa) is only Php 387.52 or $8.6 for a saver accommodation option and Php 522.48 or $ 11.6 for a suite accommodation option. There is also a Butuan-Cebu-Bohol route if we wish to pass by Cebu. However, in going opting a Butuan-Bohol ferry ride we must plan our trip in advance to get a good schedule. No shipping line treks across the route on a daily basis.

The Butuan-Bohol ferry route is among major sea paths from the Visayas to Mindanao. Another route is through Bohol and Cagayan de Oro. When we favor a leisurely enjoyment of inter-island travels we opt for sea trips like a Butuan-Bohol ferry ride. Views from their decks offer eye-catching panoramic scenes available in this part of the archipelago.

With regular ferries like the Butuan-Bohol ferry we get to meet more people or roam around the lower and upper decks. We may choose to stay inside our cabins or lay idly in our bunks. Cargo is kept in the lower portion of the ship. Some quality ferries offer movies and souvenir shops. In rainy days tarpaulin cover is provided to protect the sides of the decks outside its roof covering.

The economy area on the decks provides beds and extra folding. There are also air-conditioned rooms in some Butuan-Bohol ferry vessels for slightly higher rates. In most cases, we have to be at the pier an hour earlier to make sure we don’t miss the schedule and also have enough time for boarding preparations.

As ships like Butuan-Bohol ferry liners are cheap we can expect crowded vessels. It is a safe guideline for cargo and passenger ships like Butuan-Bohol ferry sea crafts not to be overloaded. Overloading occur during the Christmas Season, All Saints Day, semestral breaks, Holy Week, and summer vacations.