Cabilao Island Sightseeing

One of the most popular destinations for tourists in Bohol nowadays is Cabilao Island. There are a lot of stunning islets and isles around Bohol, but this is definitely one that has grabbed the attention of travelers for a number of reasons.

What to See

The biggest draw of the island is without doubt the coral reefs. All around the island are some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Philippines, all of which remain untouched and untainted by pollution. Besides these colorful reefs, there are also hammerhead sharks, There is also the gorgeous Lake Lanao where you can see some of the most exotic birds in the Philippines. Also a few souvenir shops here and there can be found, as well as an Internet café, which, interestingly enough, is solar powered. There are also several dive shops around, so you can get the equipment you need.


Cabilao Island can be found on the western end just off the coast of Bohol, and if you look at it from a map you will see that it is actually facing Cebu. To get there from Tagbilaran, you need to take one of the buses bound for Loon. When you get off, get on a jeepney headed to Mocpoc (that is on Sandigan Island). When you get to Mocpoc, the boat of the resort that you have made reservations with will pick you up. If you didnt make any, you can hire one of the many boats there which will take you to the island.


The actual cost of the boat ride to Cabilao Island is only about Php 20 to Php 30 per individual. Of course, this does not count the expenses for the bus and jeepney ride (the bus is about Php 30 and the jeepney Php 7.00).

As for the resorts on the islands, the price starts for as low as Php 600 and to a high of Php 1,200. For longer stays (a week or more) the price will be about Php 25,000, but this includes the food, drinks and amenities at the resort, plus a tour of he island, including diving. If you do not know how to dive, do not worry, as not only are there shops, but the resorts will also teach you to dive.

With the lovely scenery, awesome underwater views and world class resorts, there is little doubt that Cabilao Island will continue to be one of Bohols biggest tourist attractions.