Cabilao Island in Bohol

Bohol is engulfed by a large number of islets. Cabilao Island, which is located on the Western region of Bohols main island facing Cebu, is one of them.

Measuring 7.2 kilometers, this island is located 30 kilometers northwest of Tagbilaran in Cebu Strait in the middle of Bohol and Cebu. It is protected by palm trees as well as well-preserved coral reefs rich with underwater creatures.

Cabilao Island is the ideal place to visit for snorkelers as well as scuba diving enthusiasts. The islands white and sandy beaches are likewise the perfect place for relaxation.

This island is a marvelous spot to go scuba diving and snorkeling. This 5-star area is an excellent spot for both novice and seasoned divers. Scuba diving is possible the whole year through. The water temperature in the diving spots ranges from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. The range of visibility is 20 to 40 meters so a 3 to 5 millimeter neoprene wet suit is just enough.

There are various spots that provide excellent and exciting dives. Enthusiasts can look forward to a preserved marine life with a wide range of dive sites, corals, and special marine animals. The reef shelf, measuring 50 to 100 meters in width, leads into a perpendicular underwater which exceeds 50 meters.

On the northwestern region of the island is a lighthouse which serves as a beacon to sailors and tourists for years. The lighthouse is surrounded by a white sand beach which changes its shape as the prevailing winds change from one season to another.

This island is among the top scuba diving spots in the region which gives divers the assurance of excellent snorkeling. Even beginner divers can treat themselves to some amazing sights of fish, corals, and other marine life.

Although the distance to the island is not that far, there is a need to still work around the island because the small resorts are found on the other side of the island. Usually the first thing that tourists do is negotiate a price for the trip. The boat trip will consume about fifteen minutes.

On the way to the island, one would be treated to a spectacular view of overhanging rock formations which make up majority of the islands coastline. Not to mention the fishermen who operate small bancas.

To get to the island, one would have to take a bus to Tagbilaran towards the coastal ring-road. At Poblacion Loon, tourists would wait for jeepneys that would take them to Mocpoc, situated on the western portion of Sandigan Island facing Cabilao. From there, there is a small pier where outrigger boats can bring tourists across the canal.

So the next time you search for a diving spot in Bohol, the best place to consider is Cabilao Island.