Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital in Bohol

Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, formerly Bohol Provincial Hospital, is reputable as a bite treatment center, among many others. It is also an efficient government hospital often used by the Department of Health for various health and medical activities.

Bohol was reportedly rated number one among Visayan provinces with the most number of animal bite incidents inflicted on humans. Thus, it has become popular as a government bite management center sharing the title with another hospital also in Bohol. But Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital is also surely as efficient in other medical fields.

It is also known to be authoritative in the province in major medical cases and illnesses. It used to have a mere 200 bed capacity when it was built as required by law. It was also built as a regional hospital for region 7. Thus, we see the capacity of this premier provincial hospital in Tagbilaran City named after a governor, Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital.

Specifically, the hospital is located along Miguel Parras Street in Tagbilaran City. Parras Street is lined up by several lodging places like City Lodge II and East Coast Tourist Inn. Other nearby hotels located in Tagbilaran City are Metro Center Hotel, Soledad Suites, Hotel La Roca, and Bohol Tropics Resort. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital is also accessible to other business establishments in the city like malls, drugstores, and fastfoods.

It has been the recipient of government allocations specifically for vaccine purposes. When we’re talking of animal bite and rabies treatments and it so happens that we are in Tagbilaran, there’s no other better places to go but Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital.

Aside from being a chief government hospital in Tagbilaran affording medical, health, and rabies vaccinating services Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital is also a favorite regional venue for regional training, seminars, and lectures conducted by the government.

Being a public hospital, treatment expenses cost patients very minimal—on medicines, that is. We just have to fall in line and wait for our turn to be attended to and avail of free consultations. At times, there may be free medicines handed out, as supplies last.

On January 3, 2000, Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital became a newborn screening reference center in Bohol. Newborn screening is a vital screening process to certify the total health of a newborn baby. The hospital is among the certified hospitals for this crucial process. For inquiries we may contact 63 38 411 3185.

If we want a good government hospital where numerous medical services are offered we opt for Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital.