ChARTs Resort in Bohol

Another excellent beach resort situated within the beautiful island city of Panglao in Bohol, ChARTs Resort never fail to amaze visitors and guests with its wonderful accommodation, excellent service, and outstanding facilities. Just a short walk from the very famous Alona Beach, this place offers a perfect stay for all the nature lovers and fun-loving people from all over the world. Aside from swimming and diving, ChARTs offers a lot more than all those ordinary beach resorts out there.

At ChARTs Resort, guests can choose from its outstanding standard rooms and super elegant suites. A basic standard room features a small refrigerator, an electric fan, and a queen-size bed. Additionally, it contains a nice bathroom, a relaxing terrace, and a beautiful overview of the resort garden. For better accommodation, guests can request television sets, air-conditioning units, and extra beds. The prices for every standard room range from 30 to 38 euros.

On the other hand, ChARTs Resort also offers outstanding suites for better accommodation and service. A basic suite features covered terraces located on top of the roof, beautiful lounges, as well as tables and chairs. At the same time, its spacious bathroom contains a bathtub for a truly refreshing, soothing, and relaxing bathing experience. The king-size bed provides a comfortable place to stay, relax, and rest after spending a long day full of fun, action, and adventure. The prices for every suite range from 54 to 66 euros.

Because ChARTs Resort is located in one of the most progressive and beautiful municipalities in the province of Bohol, it provides special tours to some of the most elegant, mesmerizing, and attractive tourists destinations of the place. The resort offers two kinds of tour packages, namely Countryside-Tour and Chocolate Hills Off the Beaten Track. Countryside-Tour includes special visits to Mag-aso Falls, Tarsier Sanctuary, and Baclayon Church. On the other hand, a Chocolate Hills Off the Beaten Track tour features special visits to wonderful places within Chocolate Hills including an artificial lake, a mountain village, and a hanging bridge.

Aside from these exciting tour packages that ChARTs Resort offers, it is also popular for its wonderful yoga program. This fun and exciting activities can cure certain body discomforts such as backaches, muscle pains, and headaches. ChARTs Resort is also near special shops that offer diving lessons to guests and visitors such as Sun Divers, Sea Explorers, and Bohol Fun Divers. This resort provides people that perfect getaway from their busy and stressful lives.