Cherry’s Home in Bohol

Famous for the outstanding amenities and excellent accommodation that it provides to its valuable guests, Cherry’s Home is a mini-hotel that caters to tourists and travelers from all over the world. Aside from its outstanding features, guests will surely love the super affordable room rates as well as the beautiful scenery that it provides to everyone. The beautiful island city of Panglao is surely glad to have one great hospitality service provider like Cherry’s Home, which tirelessly promotes the ecotourism in the entire province of Bohol.

Cherry’s Home offers six very convenient standard rooms, all of which are equipped with all the basic equipment necessary to make its guests truly comfortable. Air-conditioned rooms usually cost 1,200 pesos for an overnight stay, while fan rooms cost only 800 pesos. For those who want to rent an extra bed, they can do so for the very affordable price of 250 pesos. At the same time, the hotel offers guests convenient transportation for as low as 500 pesos. Complete bathroom facilities, colored television sets, and air-conditioning systems are some of the basic features of standard rooms.

Aside from its super comfortable standard rooms, Cherry’s Home also offers a spacious vacation house called Bolod House. Guests can rent this beautiful place on either a daily or a weekly basis. For those who want to stay at this place for only a day, the cost is usually 3,100 pesos. On the other hand, a weeklong stay at this outstanding vacation house costs 18,000 pesos. The house features a telephone, a VCD player, and a karaoke. For cooking purposes, a rice cooker, a stove, as well as a refrigerator are also available for use.

In addition to its outstanding room amenities and excellent service, Cherry’s Home also offers two distinct types of tour packages. Package 1 is referred to as Tourist Tour, which basically costs 2,500 pesos for eight persons and 3,500 pesos for 12 persons. Hinagdanan Cave, Bilar Man-Made Forest, and Baclayon Church are included in the package. Loboc River, Blood Compact Site, and Chocolate Hills are always a favorite among tourists and guests. Albur Wildlife, Loboc Tarsier, and Hanging Bridge provide quite an adventure for everyone. Package 2 is called Balicasag Island Tour, which costs 1,800 pesos for five persons and 3,000 pesos for 10 persons. Some of the inclusive outdoor activities are snorkeling and dolphin-watching.

With all these great features and services, Cherry’s Home is indeed one of the best locations to stop by when visiting the charming island province of Bohol. A place like this contributes greatly to the overall success of ecotourism, not only within the province, but also in the entire Philippines as well.