Clarin Beach in Bohol

Clarin Beach, located 28 kilometers from Tagbilaran belongs to the famous and world class beaches within Bohol. A natural tourist destination which you must not miss when you come to visit Bohol, Clarin Beach is a long stretch of white sand beach which will captivate your heart. As beautiful as the white sand beach of Boracay but very unique in itself for its hospitable, safe and affordbale accomodations, Clarin Beach is indeed a top tourist destination that you must put in your top list.

A refreshing place for a stressed out person from the inlands or cities, Clarin Beach is ideal for relaxation and sun bathing.

Before going to Clarin Beach anyone who wants to visit must know first its location and how to get there. And since Clarin Beach is located on the island of Bohol, a tourist must at least be informed about Bohol and Tagbilaran being the Major Airport Gateway from Manila.

There are several domestic carriers flying from Manila to Tagbilaran daily. Travelling from Manila to Tagbilaran through an airplane or aircraft is one hour and fifteen minutes away.

If you choose water transport instead, there are also a number of passenger ferries available from Manila, Cebu, to Tagbilaran and other ports in Bohol. It is very helpful to know that Tagbilaran is a regular stop-over point for vessels going to Cagayan de Oro and other cities in Northern Mindanao like Butuan.

Clarin Beach is equipped with resort facilities for tourists. And so, being a tourist you will not regret your stay to these beautiful white sand beach. Besides from being safe and relaxed in the resort a tourist can always make his stay enjoyable by doing different activities. You will always be free to play beach volley ball as long as you equipped yourself with one. You can also mingle with other visitors and do activities together as long as you know how to behave right and with respect to others. You can also ask for the attendants to set the entertainment facilities especially at night when you want to sing. Singing in videoke being a popular means to enjoy the night coupled with delicious foods and drinks.

Wether you are a tourist from outside Philippines or a Filipino who wants to enjoy his beautiful country you can always have the choice to be happy, relaxed, refreshed and be satisfied in your resort of choice. And being in Clarin Beach you will always recall your memories after visiting and enjoying the place. The rays of the sun, the beautiful sky with clouds of cotton or feather-like formations, the white sand and clear cool water coupled with delicious food nice drinks and world class accomodations is among the major things offered by Clarin Beach.