Coco Grove Tourist Inn in Bohol

One of the provinces in the Southern part of Philippines, Bohol is known for its attractive sceneries like the popular Chocolate Hills. Because of the popularity of the tourist spots in Bohol, its tourism industry blossomed since the 1980s. One of the manifestations of the improving state of Bohol’s tourism industry is the mushrooming of inns and hotels in the province.

To get the attention of tourists and travelers, inns and hotels offer different luring facilities and services to their potential clients. This is the reason why some hotels have expensive room rates. The improvements in the facilities of hotels in Bohol add to the attraction of travelers to the province. However, it is best that travelers look for a hotel that has other attractive facilities but the rate of staying in that particular hotel is not that expensive.

Coco Grove Tourist Inn is one of the inns or hotels in Bohol that have luring facilities and services but the rate is affordable. Aside from the amenities in the rooms at Coco Grove Tourist Inn, the inn has conference rooms where business meetings and some special events are held. Other services in this inn include laundry and house services as well as airline and boat ticketing.

The rooms at Coco Grove Tourist Inn are really affordable. Travelers can stay in this inn for as low as Php 700 inclusive of breakfast for one person. The range of room rates at Coco Grove Tourist Inn are Php 700 to Php 1,200. With this information, travelers are assured that staying at this inn will fit with their budget.

Every room at Coco Grove Tourist Inn has private bathroom, toilet and hot and cold shower. The rooms also have cable television so the guests at Coco Grove Tourist Inn will not get bored. Because it has room services, guests are assured that the rooms are always clean and organized.

The exact location of Coco Grove Tourist Inn is at Ciculado Street, Poblacion Dauis in Bohol. Honeymooners will have a good time at this inn because the place where Coco Grove Tourist Inn is situated is quiet and peaceful. However, for travelers who want to visit the other parts of Bohol, the inn has shuttle that bring guests to Tagbliaran City, the city in Bohol where many tourist spots can be seen by travelers.

Above all, the inn provides transfer services to their guests. Hence, those who will book in advance at Coco Grove Tourist Inn can be picked up by the staff of the inn at the airport and seaport of Tagbilaran. Thus, travelers are suggested to check the available rooms at the dates where they plan to go to stay at the inn to know if there are special packages or promotions that they can avail.