Doljo Beach in Bohol

We all love the look and feel of a white sand beach. It reminds us the luxury of famous and exclusive beaches found all over the world. Although the Philippines has been known for its own, Boracay, locals continue to crave for more. Unknowingly, the country has some other white san beaches other than Boracay. Some of them are interestingly located in the scenic province of Bohol.

Doljo Beach is one white sand beach that Bohol has up its sleeves. It is quite far from civilization, about 20 minutes travel time by car from Tagbilaran City, the provincial capital. The location of Doljo Beach did not hinder local and tourists alike to explore the postcard-worthy place. Although it is not as busy as some other beaches in Bohol, it is also never short of exploring local and tourists alike during summer.

Doljo Beach is a three-kilometer stretch of white sand beach goodness. Its sloped diving site makes for very interesting sea adventures. People usually come to Doljo Beach to dive and explore both the beauty and treasure that can be found underwater. Out of the water, you will also have some wonderful times at Doljo Beach. The tall coconut trees recreate the tropical appeal of the place best. It is also a great place to find and own exquisite and unique sea shells. Doljo Beach is truly on of the best places on earth to carry on numerous water adventures.

Private owners around Doljo Beach took time out to put up huts, cottages, and benches to serve the visitors. The resorts found at Doljo Beach may not be as luxurious as you can found in other parts of Bohol or the Philippines but they sure serve their purposes well enough. They provide nice shelter to those who want to embrace the wonderful offers that Doljo Beach has in store.

Notably, there are three resorts you could choose from while you re out exploring Doljo waters: the Ananyana Beach Resort, the Palm Island Resort, and the Muro-Ami Seaside. Each of those three resorts offers a different brand of service and a different brand of comfort. It is up to you to choose which kind of relaxation are you for. Resorts at Doljo Beach are separated by the kind of amenities they can offer. There are obviously luxurious ones but do not necessarily charge a much as those in Boracay do. There are also more humble ones, which can provide the same homey appeal that you would like to have when you are out and about town.