Dolphin and Whale Watching in Bohol

Bohol is teeming with marine life. It is definitely an island paradise where you can enjoy lots of fun water activities. Swimming, diving, and snorkeling are just some of the most entertaining endeavors you could get yourself into while in Bohol. If you are in love with sea creatures, a treat is also waiting for you in Bohol. Dolphin and Whale Watching is a favorite activity among tourists and locals alike who are exploring Bohol for all the good things that it has up its sleeves.

Bohol boasts of numerous species of both dolphins and whales that called the province home since time immemorial. Through the years, Dolphin and Whale Watching became in demand, especially for people who are very much into the gigantic sea creatures. Whale hunters posed a threat for the enjoyment of such activities. Good thing, stricter marine preservation laws were passed and the whales of Bohol are saved. Previous whale hunters became fulfilled guiding tourists to spot whales and dolphins through an enjoyable trip to the sea.

Pamilacan Island is a common site for Dolphin and Whale Watching. It hosts a portion of the sea that was inhabited by certain species of dolphins and whales. Pamilacan Island can be reached through the town of Baclayon. It is about an hour boat ride. The trip to Pamilacan Island is an adventure on its own with many sea shells and corals greeting you on your way. Dolphin and Whale Watching guides are mostly Pamilacan locals who have been dependent on the amazing sea creatures.

An outrigger boat, which can hold about five to seven passengers, is the most common form of transport used for Dolphin and Whale Watching trips. Both the dolphins and the whales are active when the sun is up. The best time to see them, therefore, is at dawn just before the sunrise. March until July proves to be advantageous for dolphin and whale watchers. Scheduled trips to the sea, however, are dependent on the weather. It has to be friendly for sailing for the tour guides to set off the trip. If not, you will have to wait another day or another moment when your safety is not compromised.

Dolphin and Whale Watching is included in most Bohol travel packages. You must be careful, however, when choosing your guide. He must be well-trained to keep up with the behavior of that specific marine life. As much as you want to enjoy watching the sea creatures live, you must not undermine their safety as well.