Dumaluan Beach in Bohol

A real world class shoreline at the southern and remote tip of Panglao Island in Bohol is this mesmerizing jewel of a body of water, Dumaluan Beach. Few tourists have discovered this paradise which keeps lots more scenic treasures than most popular beach destinations in the country today.

Take the white sand, for instance. It has a fine and powdery texture softly caressing the soles of our feet as we amble on the quiet shoreline dotted with palm trees viewing the panorama of the Bohol Sea. Then get a peek at the underwater sea world of Dumaluan Beach. The area is rich in unique coral reefs and rock formations abundant with sea life.

The vicinity of Dumaluan Beach is a popular site of world-class dive spots that reveal deep sea features mostly endemic to the place. Moreover, the sea directly facing Dumaluan Beach is frequented by whales, dolphins, and whale sharks easily spotted by a simple sight-seeing tour via banca ride. The locality is a quiet place alright but the fun and adventure it affords is to the extreme.

The family would love the pristine waters with plenty of shallow portions for kids to waddle in and playfully enjoy the water safely. Dumaluan Beach is among Bohol’s gentle shorelines especially in summer time. And it’s easy to reach, with just a mere half hour travel from Tagbilaran and through the bridge to Panglao Island and then to the southern part of it. Dumaluan Beach is accessible by public or private land transport.

There are lodges right at Dumaluan Beach and also those near it. For instance, we may try the remarkable Dumaluan Beach Resort. Bungalow huts in row housing style built with a mix of chic modernity and rural nostalgia surround inviting swimming pools some distance right in front of the beach. This resort considerably adds to the paradise quality of Dumaluan Beach.

Other equally outstanding resorts near Dumaluan Beach are the numinous and intriguing Ananyana Resort, resorts along Alona Beach, and Alumbung Resort, all on Pangalao Island.

Beach tourist resort amenities common on the island include Jacuzzis and swimming pools, bars and restaurants, huge quaint halls for various functions, KTV, cable, Internet, souvenir and café shops, massage parlors, clinics, car or van rentals and tour packages, diving and snorkeling facilities, and some even have horse-back riding like Dumaluan Beach Resort.

Costs range anywhere from Php 1,750 or $35 per night per 2 persons, to Php 30,000 or $600 a night with a maximum of 8 persons. Some have lower rates.