Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa in Bohol

For people who want to experience tranquility at its finest, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa offers excellent services and wonderful hotel amenities. Found within the breathtaking island of Panglao in the province of Bohol, this place tries to pamper all its visitors and guests with the best treatment possible. To provide a feel of Philippine tradition and culture, the rooms and cottages were made from local materials such as wood, cogon, and bamboo. Moreover, all the guests can enjoy the captivating view of its outdoor swimming pool, which highly resembles the clean and pristine waters of its beaches.

Additionally, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa provides a special place for its health-conscious, athletic, and fun-loving guests. Table tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball are always fun sports activities to enjoy when visiting this fascinating resort. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa- BoholAt the same time, there are many exciting outdoor recreational activities to try on, including scuba diving, island hopping, and snorkeling. Aside from the usual tours offered by the resort, guests can also try an activity of gargantuan proportions, which is whale-watching. For those who want to spend their lazy afternoons doing less strenuous activities, they can play scrabble and chess, or even watch DVDs.

To get the best out of their visit at Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, guests must never fail to visit Dailinda Spa for some serious form of relaxation. At this place, they can truly enjoy the healing power of touch while listening to some soft, gentle, and relaxing music. Furthermore, they can visit the dive shop for some real lessons about diving and the like. To satisfy their dining needs, Lantawan Restaurant features an excellent selection of mouth-watering food and beverages. At the same time, guests can dine at the side of the pool, along the beach, or even at the pool bar.

Guests can choose from six outstanding room types at Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa. With prices ranging from $500 to $700, guests can book at Balai I rooms, while it ma y take them from $600 to $800 to book at the more expensive Balai II rooms. Balai III costs in between $700 to $900, Balai IV from $800 to $1,000, and Balai V from $1,800 to $2,200. The grandest rooms fall under Balai VI, which feature a whirlpool presidential villa, a spa pool, and an infinity swimming pool. With all these wonderful prices, pleasure is truly within reach at Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa.

Besides Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, there are many great places to go to when visiting the undeniably beautiful province of Bohol. The mystifying appeal of Hinagdanan Caves, the rich marine fauna at Balicasay Island, and the gigantic whales of Pamalican Island are just some of the main reasons why tourists and guests just keep coming back for more. Together with all the other outstanding beach resorts within the area, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa helps propel the status of Bohol as one of the fastest rising tourist spots in the Philippines.