Fast Ferries from Cebu to Bohol

Aside from plane and traditional ship travel options going to certain points of the Visayas we have fast ferries from Cebu. This option is a more convenient and easily arranged way of getting to our desired destination from Cebu.

At times, especially when the skies are clear, the best way to see places in the Visayas is by island hoping. Cebu, Leyte, Samar, Masbate, and other Visayan islands are typical island provinces interesting to visit and see. We may do this efficiently by opting for fast ferries from Cebu. The fare may be about three times the cost of regular ferries but the results are sure to be more than three times over.

Many enterprising business people opt for fast ferries from Cebu to get to the province’s neighboring islands. These super fast boats afford high speed sea travel using sturdy Danish or Singapore-made capacious and safe motor boats. They are of the catamaran-type sea vessels easily maneuverable at high speeds on the seas. These no-nonsense fast ferries from Cebu can take time-conscious travelers to their destinations pronto.

Typical fast ferries from Cebu possess a cruising speed of some 50 kilometers per hour that make them almost like jet planes on sea. The passengers allowed are strictly limited to a few to boost speed and are compactly built to have light-weight but sturdy vessel bodies. Safety video instructions are part of the pre-departure drill of these fast ferries from Cebu and there are life vests available for all passengers. There are open-decked fast ferries from Cebu to enjoy the sea breeze and views of the coastline but there are some that also restrict passengers to their seats in the cabin.

We may also avail of “Tipid-trip” promos or inexpensive trips with fast ferries from Cebu. An example is a mere P700 or just a bit more than $15 fare for a trip to Ormoc from Cebu or Ormoc to Cebu, and we’re talking tourist class accommodations here. There’s also an P800 or a bit more than $17 business class arrangement.

We may also avail of fast ferries from Cebu to Tagbilaran or vice versa for just P500 (or $11 to 12), one way. We get to our destination in an hour and 30 minutes. The best part is that each trip has to wait for only a limited number of passengers before traveling. For more of these reasonably priced trip arrangements we can refer to the services of SuperCat.

This, for more efficient and safe sea trips, take fast ferries from Cebu.