Ferries from Manila to Bohol

Bohol is reachable by many modes of transport. If you are on a budget and it is just okay for you to sail your way to Bohol, riding ferries from Manila is an ideal choice. Two shipping companies sail to Bohol several times each week. You just need to check out their schedules and see if they fit yours.

WG&A is one of the largest sea travel companies in the Philippines. It has numerous schedules to different points in the Philippines. Ferries from Manila to Tagbilaran are your way to reach Bohol (FYI: Tagbilaran is the capital city of Bohol). The sea travel costs between PhP2,000 and PhP7,800 depending on the package that you would like to avail. The travel time is about 30 hours or more than one day. Since that is how long you would need to sit in to get to Bohol, it is advisable that you avail of the most comfortable package that is also agreeable with your budget.

Sulpicio Lines is another notable company that provides ferries from Manila to Bohol. As compared to SuperFerry of WG&A, Sulpicio vessels provide more affordable rates. Manila to Tagbilaran and vice versa only costs between PhP1,800 and PhP3,200. The travel time, however, is the same. You need to deal with over a day of sea travel.

Ferries from Manila do not have a superfast feature the way that ferries from Cebu do. If you choose to take a flight to Cebu and sail your way to Bohol, you can catch a fast ferry that will bring you to Bohol in less than two hours. Then again, that option is pricier than taking a ferry direct from Manila.

Another disadvantage of taking ferries from Manila to Bohol is all about the weather. The sea can be unruly under a storm or even a sign of a bad weather. Sea travel is often cancelled during that period. In case of air travel, the flights are only cancelled when the weather is so bad that it provides a known threat to the safety of the travelers.

Then again, taking ferries from Manila to get to Bohol is pretty much an ideal choice when you are transporting during summer. You will not only save on your costs but also enjoy the beauty that lies beneath the deep blue sea. If you have the patient and the time to carry on more than a whole day sitting inside a ferry, there is no reason for you not look at ferries as an effective mode of transport to Bohol and to other faraway islands.