Bohol Fiestas

Fiestas are part and parcel of the Filipino culture. Almost everyday, a feast is held, mostly in honor of a distinguished saint. In Bohol, it is most like in other parts of the Philippines where festivities never stop. In fact, the whole year schedule of the province is packed with festivals that occur left, right, and center.

During fiestas, the hospitality of the Boholanos is given a different sight. You can be a stranger and still be welcomed warmly in a host’s house. You will be offered authentic Filipino food, a good company, and an enjoyment of all sorts.

Although Bohol fiestas occur for the most part of the year, no month is merrier during the fiesta month of May. The festivities during this time of the year put no rest day in your daily schedule. Every day, an interesting activity is held to celebrate a particular saint or municipality.

The merry Bohol fiestas heighten up as May enters. The fiesta month opens with the Tagbilaran City Fiesta on May1 and continues with other entertaining festivals held almost every where in the province. Processions and other exciting activities are held to celebrate the life of a patron saint or the whole city in general.

Bohol fiestas are adorned with real good food, which you can sample at the hospitality of your host. Aside from the festive mood found mostly in the decorations all around town, Bohol fiestas also hosts some of the most happening activities.

Beauty pageants, concerts, stage plays, and whatnots are staged to provide entertainment while featuring the talents that the whole of Bohol has in abundance to offer. If you are still not convinced that Bohol has the ability to score ho talents, think of the Loboc Children’s Choir, which had created waves not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well.

The best feature of Bohol fiestas, however, remains to be the warm welcomes that are extended to Boholanos who are coming home to celebrate with their town. Families and friends who have been out and about, making careers and businesses outside Bohol, usually comes back to their roots to enjoy the festivities. In some ways, Bohol fiestas also embody a gathering of sorts for relatives and friends who are far from each other for the most part of the year.

No all-knowing local would ever miss the fun that Bohol fiestas bring. That should give visitors the clue as to how much of a treat it is to take the trip to Bohol during festival days.