FloWer Beach Resort in Bohol

FloWer Beach Resort is a perfect getaway for people who want a peaceful retreat. It is located on the secluded town of Anda, far from the hustle bustle in Panglao Island.

FloWer Beach Resort is about a few minutes away from Tagbilaran City, the provincial capital of Bohol. You can travel from Manila to Tagbilaran City by plane or by ferry. International clients, meanwhile, may take a plane to Cebu and from Cebu, they can take a ferry boat to Tagbilaran City.

FloWer Beach Resort is a serene place that is built mostly of local materials from bamboos to nipa leaves. The huts and sheds are of tropical appeal from the look down to the feel. The long strait of white sand beach is perfect for families and group of friends who are looking to have the ultimate beach fun.

Aside from swimming, which is largely enjoyed in the shallow sea waters, you can also engage in other fun water activities in FloWer Beach Resort such as diving and snorkeling.

FloWer Beach Resort also hosts many locals who seek livelihood from the sea. The fishermen’s nightly trips in their little boats are also a wonderful sight, which you could enjoy freely.

FloWer Beach Resort is designed to provide the ultimate beach appeal. There are natural plants in abundance, including tall coconut trees and exotic flowers. There are also animals that flood the place.

Accommodation at the FloWer Beach Resort is definitely amazing. The resort houses many bungalows that are deemed perfect for families of all sizes. Each bungalow has a private terrace with the scenic beach view. Some guestrooms are in duplex-style. They make for comfy stays with the walls adorned creatively in local flavor. Room rates are from USD48 to as high as USD97, depending on the period of stay, the kind of rooms, and the number of occupants.

If you are looking for the most peaceful and comfortable hideaway, you should never look farther than FloWer Beach Resort. It carries all the amenities that you will need and more. It also poses very reasonable prices, just right for the kind of efficient service and quality of life that you will be treated to once you booked into the resort. If you happen to be in Bohol, make sure that you take time to enjoy the pristine waters in the FloWer Beach Resort’s portion of the sea. You sure would never regret the wonderful experience! A lot of previous guests attested to it!