Flushing Meadows Resort in Bohol

Found within the municipality of Dauis at the Island of Panglao in the province of Bohol, Flushing Meadows Resort offers tremendously Flushing Meadow Resort - Boholbeautiful scenery and super affordable rooms to all its guests to enjoy.

A true paradise of sorts, this Resort is definitely one of the best places to stop by when traveling within the extremely charming Panglao Island. Unlike the other resorts out there within the area, this place has many outstanding offerings like a fun fishing center, a spacious campsite, and a blue-colored tennis court.

For people who want to get away from the busy and tiring feeling of city life, Flushing Meadows Resort offers a perfect opportunity to escape all these pressures and stressful factors.

Equipped with super spacious facilities, this place has been a favorite location for holding group events like team-building, school outings, and reunions. At the same time, the stunning view of the beach is guaranteed to amaze and mesmerize the hearts of numerous tourists out there.

To provide guests with comfort, convenience, and fun, Flushing Meadows Resort has been equipped with highly outstanding amenities and services. Function rooms, Bamboo Park, and Infinity Pool are absolutely fun places to stay when enjoying the beautiful scenery and wonderful facilities of the place. Furthermore, features like the playground, fishing area, and fitness gym offers guests endless worthwhile activities to do at Flushing Meadows Resort. Additionally, there are excellent services designed to answer the different needs of its guests and visitors, including room service, countryside tours, and massage and reflexology services.


Flushing Meadow Resort - BoholFor those who want to enjoy outdoor activities, there are numerous great things to do at Flushing Meadows Resort, including snorkeling, dolphin-watching, and fishing. In addition to these wonderful features, the resort Resort offers great amenities in all its rooms, including unlimited telephone access, complete bathroom toiletries, and clear cable television reception.

Overall, guests can choose from 10 different room types, including smaller rooms like Standard Connors, Superior McEnroe, and Superior Federer. Meanwhile, guests can expect better service with Deluxe Sampras, Deluxe Agassi, Superior Deluxe (garden view), and Superior Deluxe (pool view).

For those who are in search for the grandest rooms at Flushing Meadows Resort, they should try the Superior Deluxe Gazebo, Executive Suite, and Presidential Suite.

Standard Connors rooms cost $110, while Superior McEnroe and Superior Federer rooms can be booked for $120. Deluxe Sampras rooms cost $150, Deluxe Agassi rooms cost $170, while Superior Deluxe (garden view) rooms cost $185 and Superior Deluxe (pool view) rooms cost $195. Superior Deluxe Gazebo rooms are available for $210, Executive Suites for $320, and Presidential Suites for $540.