Garden Café in Bohol

Bohol boasts of many different eating hubs, each is unique on its own. The restaurants that fill the beautiful landscape of this island province cater to many different kinds of people with varied palette. Finding your gastronomic pleasure would never be a problem, that’s for sure!

Garden City Cafe - BoholAnd there is one place which tries to mix a little of two worlds in one great place mixing Western recipes along with Filipino hospitality all together into one great place to eat.

So, if or those who crave for American cuisine, Garden Café is the best place. The scenic restaurant -- with one of the warmest ambience in all of Bohol -- serves delectable American recipes at very affordable prices. The Chicken Quesadilla, for example is a good and filling fix that can be enjoyed for a little over USD1.

A diner could enjoy a full meal at Garden Café for a minute sum of USD5. If that is not amazing enough, we do not know what is.

Garden Café is easily located in the city central – Tagbilaran City. It is right beside the famous St. Joseph Cathedral, which is a sightseeing spot on its own. When it opened in early 1980s, Garden Café faced very little competition. Now that Bohol, especially Tagbilaran City, has become a popular vacation site, a lot of other restaurants sprung around.

Garden Café imbibes the Old West style. The interiors will remind you of the cowboy days when hats and steaks combine well together. The Montana theme of the café’s second floor is a breathe of fresh air, especially with trophy mounts of deer, mule, and antelope, hanging on the walls.

While the interiors of Garden Café are commendable, the food is no different. Garden Café serves the most delectable steaks you could ever taste in this side of the country. The Old Country vibe is also reflected on the foods served. Numerous versions of succulent steaks, delectable wraps, and spicy chilies are all for the taking. Although Garden Café just adapted the Montana theme, its owners choose to do away with the pricey Montana beef. This is to keep the menu on very affordable rates.


Garden City Cafe - BoholGarden Café is truly one of the best things about Bohol. The great food combined with a scenic ambience is all it takes to keep your mind thinking about the beautiful island province.

Garden Café is one reason you would love coming back to Bohol. You can never have the Western meal the very same way you could have it there.

You can't mention Garden City Cafe and not mention the helpful and warm staff. It is their extreme pleasure to serve with an air of hospitality which the Philippines is famous for.

You will be welcome and get that feeling of home from both the staff and great tasting food.

If you include the fact that meals are affordable at Garden Café, you will surely find this restaurant irresistible and one you will find yourself returning back to time and time again looking for some good ol' American Cuisine with a Filipino flavor.