Habagat Wreck Dive Site in Bohol

Habagat Wreck is one of many world-class dive sites near Panglao Island in Bohol, Philippines. The location of Habagat Wreck is in Danao Beach, Panglao Island. The site is about 2.5 kms from Belleview Resort in Panglao Island and can be reached using a motorized or outrigger boat. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the site. The GPS coordinates of Habagat Wreck is :

One can reach Belleview Resort from Tagbilaran Airport or pier by hiring a taxi or a tricycle. The resort is a 20-30 minute ride from the airport.

The site is perfect for snorkeling. It has a visibility of 49 to 82 feet, depth of 26 to 112 feet, and a current of 0-1.

Habagat Wreck is a steep slope dive. 37 meters or 122 feet below, there is also an outrigger boat wreck. The wreck lies on a sandy ground. It was sunk by Sea Quest Dive Center at the end of its working life in 2000. At the wreck, one can see a school of scorpion fish, cardinals and frogfish. Above the wreck there are Tall Fin batfish. Under the remains of the hull, there are lion fishes and a giant angelfish. Near the wall, there are also angelfishes, and at the slope, there are harlequin ghost pipefish and feather stars. Occasionally, barracudas, stone fishes, and Pegasus fish can also be spotted.

The usual dive pattern is to descend to a 115 feet directly from Habagat Wreck. Then continue to the northwest direction following the sandy slope until you reach the S-shaped wall. The S-shaped wall has an overhang and many caverns. Bring a dive light for a better view of the caverns as well as the wreck. At the wall, there are colored nudibranchs as well as some occasional frogfishes. On the sandy slope in the direction towards the wall, there are devilfishes and blue spotted stingray.

The cost of one boat dive (this is a package deal and includes a dive boat, dive guide, and full diving equipment) ranges from $25 - $29 per person or Php 1200- Php 1400. 2-5 boat dives range from $21 - $25 per person or Php 1000 – Php 1200. 6 or more dives are cheaper at $18 - $22 or Php 800 – Php 1000 range. You can also pay for unlimited dives plus the service of a dive master. The range is from $200 or Php 9000 to $400 or Php 18000 depending on the number of days you plan to use their services plus equipment.

Habagat Wreck is best for macro photography as much as it is for macro diving. The dive site is recommended for divers with 50 dives or more.