Hotel La Roca in Bohol

A famous, beautiful and enticing province in the Philippines, Bohol is one of the attractive places in the country where many tourists stay during summer. Bohol’s natural wonders like luring beaches and pristine mountains are the main attractions in the province. Because many tourists visit this beautiful province every year, the number of inns and hotels in Bohol continues to increase.

Hotel La Roca, a renowned hotel in Bohol, offers comfortable and affordable rooms to travelers. Aside from the relaxing ambiance in the rooms, this hotel has other attractive facilities such as a convention hall where business meetings and cocktail parties are normally held. In addition, Hotel La Roca has a restaurant known as Grand Babaylon Restaurant and a coffee shop named as Café de Bohol. Guests at the hotel can also stay and relax at the hotel’s poolside patio.

There are three types of room at Hotel La Roca which are DeLuxe double, DeLuxe twin and Family. The rates of the rooms differ on their amenities and guests at this hotel should prepare at least Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 for room accommodations. However, all the rooms at Hotel La Roca have air-conditioning units, hot and cold showers and colored television.

Hotel La Roca offers special packages to its guests. These packages include transportation service from the airport of Tagbilaran to the hotel, daily breakfast and a tour at the tourist spots of Bohol. Those who will avail of the packages will also have free lunch at the hotel’s Loboc River Cruise.

Hotel La Roca is located at Graham Avenue in Tagbilaran City. This establishment is near to many tourist attractions in the capital of Bohol such as Clarin Ancestral House, Baclayon Church, Tarsier Sanctuary and Chocolate Hills. To get discounts from the hotel, guests must book in advance and it is better that they stay at Hotel La Roca during off peak season dates.

Hotel La Roca in Bohol has a Web site. Hence, reservations and bookings can be done through its site. The facilities, room amenities as well as room rates are provided in its site so travelers can easily decide whether it is affordable to stay in the hotel.

For guests who want to stay in a hotel in Bohol that has comfortable, relaxing, clean and organized rooms and facilities, the best place to visit is Hotel La Roca. Aside from the good ambiance at this hotel, its room rates are affordable so travelers will enjoy and remember their visit to one of the famous provinces in the Philippines, Bohol.