Transportation Options to Bohol

The province of Bohol is at the heart of the Philippines and is accessible by air and sea. For people who Bohol Sunsetwill be coming from another country, they can book a flight to Manila or Cebu. The latter is the most convenient but there are only few international flights going there.

From Europe, the best option is to make a stopover in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or Hong Kong as it will free the tourist from passing through Manila. Silk Air, Malaysia Airlines, and Cathay Pacific have international flights connecting to Cebu.

The reason for this is that Bohol is very close to Cebu and will take some time off of your trip and eliminate the hassles of going through Manila..

Domestic Flights

At present, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have flights to Bohol. From Manila there are daily trips to Tagbilaran. The earliest flight is at 8 am while the last flight is at 5:00 pm. However, these schedules may change from time to time so it would be best to check out the website of PAL. A one-way fare is priced at around P3,300 pesos inclusive of insurance.


Cebu Pacific, on the other hand, does not post schedules on their website but utilize a simple search program instead. The company began traversing Manila-Tagbilaran and vice versa on April 28th, 2004. The normal fare for an adult is around P2,789, for a child P1,575, and for an infant, P315 inclusive of insurance. However there are often special fares so keep on the lookout for a bargin.

Fast Ferry

Super Cat and Ocean Jet are the two fast ferry services that travel from Cebu to Tagbilaran. They have three daily trips leaving in four-hour intervals beginning at 8 am until 4 pm. For Ocean Jet, the earliest trip is at 6 am and the last trip is at 6 pm. The fare for a Tourist Class in Ocean Jet is P575 while for Business Class it is P875.

Ferries from Manila

WG & A Superferry has trips from Manila to Tagbilaran and back. The cheapest fare is P2,088.58 while the most expensive is at P7,875.95. The schedules can be viewed at their website. For Sulpicio Lines, the fare from Manila to Tagbilaran ranges from P1,808.80 to P3,264.80.

From Butuan to Bohol, there are ferries that will go to Bohol. On a slow ferry, the trip will take about 7 hours.

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Other modes of Transportation

Aside from airplanes and ferries, there are other modes of transportation once in Bohol. Buses serve as the main connection of Tagbilaran between the principal cities of Bohol. The major bus terminals provide passengers with information on fares and schedules.

Jeepneys serve as the mode of transportation when taking a short trip around Tagbilaran and going to the bridge at Panglao.

In addition, there are motorcycles that can be rented especially when going to the upland towns. There are taxicabs that can be hired as well. Finally, there are tricycles as well for those who are not in a hurry.

Whether it’s through land, air, or sea, getting around Bohol is very convenient. So just getting to the island will be your biggest battle. Once there all sorts of local transportation is available.