Imelda Beach in Bohol

If we want a vacation experience with so much privacy at a beach location, we go to Imelda Beach. It’s about 45 minutes via car trip from the capital city of Tagbilaran in Bohol.

This beach hideaway in the far flung town of Dimiao at the eastern side of Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s capital, boasts of a long stretch of fine sand and rich green shrubberies that lend it a fresh look. Trekking to Imelda Beach from Tagbilaran is a great respite from the hustle and bustle of city noise and lifestyle. The full 40-kilometer travel is full of rustic scenes, simple life, thick foliage, and views of the coast that prepare us for leisurely swims and restful contemplations at Imelda Beach.

After we leave the busy city of Tagbilaran we pass by the picturesque towns of Baclayon, Albuquerque, Loay, Lila—all to the south—and then finally the soporific and quiet town of Dimiao. Imelda Beach is a very popular beach site there. Incidentally, we may decide to drop by the scenic little rice terraces at Lila, the town right before Dimiao. And then, at Dimiao, discover the value of total leisure in the midst of quietude.

Imelda Beach used to be a favorite campsite by the boys and girls scouts of Bohol. The pastoral scenery is perfect for outdoor fun and activities as well as sleeping out in the open under a starry night. There is a camping concession at Imelda Beach for the outdoor adventurer who wants to try the charm of the romantic Imelda Beach at night.

A lodging resort at Imelda Beach is Kayla’a Beach Resort right on Imelda Beach. The place is a cozy place for swimmers and vacationers, or even to those who just want a quick bite or a luscious meal at the beach site. Boarding costs range from $40 to $60 a night, fully air conditioned, with modern amenities and classy facilities. The price includes breakfast for two.

Suite rooms are also available at $65 with more stylish amenities, like a Jacuzzi. Kayla’a Beach Resort also has a classy restaurant for a better appreciation of what a stay at Imelda Beach is all about. Eat a hearty meal with all the fresh foods and spicy specialties of Dimiao right at the heart of the palmy coastline of Imelda Beach.

If we feel the need to get away from it all, far from the clatter of city life—even of rural Tagbilaran—then Imelda Beach is the perfect vacation option.