Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Bohol

Known for instilling the values of holiness and piety to aspiring priests, Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary is one of the highly regarded schools within the province of Bohol in the Philippines. As an exclusive school for young men who want to undergo a high quality of priestly formation, this diocesan seminary is situated along Pacifico Cabalit Street, Barangay Taloto in the City of Tagbilaran.

After years of fruitful service to the community, the College Department at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary opened its doors to the public in 1961, allowing young men with priestly vocation to receive high quality college education. Before, it also operates a minor seminary for high school students, which eventually folded out as time went by. Currently, the seminary is offering a Bachelors Degree in Arts, which includes a major in Classical Philosophy and a minor in English.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary features wonderful amenities that cater particularly to the needs of young men. The college building is separate from its high school facilities, allowing each department to focus on their distinct curriculum and activities. Because this college is basically a diocesan seminary, the Diocese of Tagbilaran takes responsibility in handling the tuition fees of its students, sponsoring the studies of young men who will potentially serve the community in the future.

Throughout the province, Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary is known for its various wonderful activities, which serve special purposes and functions. Annually, it holds a Foundation Day to commemorate the humble beginnings of the place. To mark the festivities, the seminary holds exciting activities and other special events like cultural presentations, sports and games, as well as the investiture of first year college seminarians. To provide the best priestly formation possible, Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary allows its students to go home only once a month.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary is located deep within the heart of Bohol’s capital in Tagbilaran City. The place is close to city ports, airports, as well as other special entry points into the province. At this special educational institution, students can develop all their potentials, as well as learn other special talents, skills, and knowledge about life in general. In addition, students can keep in touch more with their spirituality as they learn about some of the most important things in life. After graduation, students of Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary are expected to become globally competitive as they leave the premises of this special educational institution.