Isis Bungalows in Bohol

An attractive, appealing, enchanting and popular resort hotel in the province of Bohol, Isis Bungalows has high-class rooms where tourists and foreigners can stay. Isis Bungalows has opened its doors to travelers in 2005. Since then, a Swiss businessperson manages this enticing resort hotel, which is why the architecture and interior design of Isis Bungalows follows the structure of many hotels in European countries.

Isis Bungalows is renowned to travelers for its luring and fascinating amenities. Aside from its first-class rooms, it has an outstanding restaurant that serves Filipino, Continental as well as American cuisines for breakfast. Hence, it serves Filipino and European cuisines during lunch and dinner. In addition, the restaurant has a terrace, which faces Alona Beach so travelers can relax while dining.

Isis Bungalows has four types of rooms, which are traditional rooms, standard bungalows, DeLuxe bungalows and family bungalows. Both standard bungalows and traditional rooms can accommodate two persons at most while DeLuxe bungalows can accommodate three persons. Lastly, family bungalows are rooms at Isis Bungalows that can accommodate four persons.

The room rates at the resort starts at Php 2,000, however, travelers who will stay at family bungalows must prepare Php 5,000 per day. The rooms have attractive amenities like air conditioning unit, wireless Internet connection and hot and cold shower. Occupants can also use the safe deposit boxes at the resort hotel to keep their valuable belongings.

Guests at the hotel can relax because the resort hotel offers massage services. Couples who want to have quality time together can also enjoy their stay at Isis Bungalows since it has babysitting services. All the rates of these services are affordable so travelers will have fun at this fascinating resort.

Isis Bungalows is easy to find. It is situated at the center of Alona Beach. Some of the attractive spots in Bohol like Balicasag Island, Chocolate Hills, Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, Pamilacan Island and Hinagdanan Cave, are near Isis Bungalows so travelers can have a tour at these sites.

Those who plan to stay at the resort hotel can make reservations through its Web site. The policies that it implements for bookings are posted at its site so tourists will not have complaints when they make reservations. Above all, the Web site has photographs of the hotel’s rooms and other facilities or amenities. Thus, travelers who like to stay at Isis Bungalows will have ideas about the structure and appearance of the resort.