Isla Hayahay Beach Resort in Bohol

Found along the pristine and clear waters in Pangangan Island, Isla Hayahay is a beautiful beach resort that offers first-class service to go with its wonderful facilities. The serene living environment, tranquil ambiance, and relaxing appeal are several reasons why numerous tourists and guests find this Barangay Lomboy beach resort very hard to resist. To encourage an influx of foreign guests, the resort is holding out special promos, particularly for European guests who are in for a truly great time. These efforts are slowly helping not only the place, but also the eco-tourism in the entire province of Bohol.

At Isla Hayahay, people are always treated with first-class accommodations, in addition to the utmost respect that they can get from the entire resort staff. This place caters to various group functions including reunions, parties, and weddings. Furthermore, business functions are always welcome at this place, such as retreats, seminars, and meetings. The beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere help the place earn the interest as well as the attention of both the business and eco-tourism sectors in the Philippines.

The various rooms at Isla Hayahay are really spectacular, with innovative and cool features that can only be seen at this excellent beach resort. Although every room is equipped with satellite television sets, air-conditioning units, and private terraces, all of them are uniquely interesting on their own. From $40 to $80, guests can choose from a wide range of specially designed rooms and facilities.

As one of the premier beach resorts in the municipality of Calape, Isla Hayahay offers guests plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Dolphin/whale watching, island hopping, and snorkeling are all-time favorites among tourists and guests. In the meantime, they can also enjoy the fishing package at any point of the day, which includes the services of a guide plus the boat to be used for fishing. Meanwhile, guests can experience absolute fun and excitement aboard a water cruise all over Calape Bay. In terms of diving, Isla Hayahay provides guests with direct access to popular diving locations like the islands of Sandingan and Cabilao.

Additionally, Isla Hayahay provides exclusive eco-tour promos to all its tourists and guests. These outstanding services give them the wonderful opportunities to experience and encounter some of the premier tourist destinations in Bohol. Some of the most special stops in the tour are Lomboy Giant Clam Reserve, Lawis Marine Park, and the headquarters of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Simultaneously, guests can also enjoy the fascinating island tour, which gives them access to world-class locations like Sandingan Islands, Cabilao Islands, and Chocolate Hills.